How to create a Multi-Run MTB race

Alpine Skiing has the common requirement of having racers complete the same course multiple times and then ranking racers by their best run. The Alpine documentation here: describes selecting the ‘multi-run’ race format to achieve this.

If you are running a MTB race though, you don’t see a race format called “multi-run” so to acheive the same effect you must scroll to the last race format and select the “Linear Enduro”.

The rest of the race setup process including setting up the timed segments is best described in the Alpine guide here:

The one key thing to note though is that the Linear Enduro format in MTB assumes that people must complete ALL segments with the Total Time coming from adding each segment time. If you are looking to rank racers only by their FASTEST run and you aren’t requiring racers to complete the same number of runs, then you need to change the default setting on the Results Set configuration.

Expand the “Time Calculation Options” section and change the “Calculate the winner as” to “Fastest Single Segment.

This setting is set by default in the Alpine Multi-Run template, but not in the MTB Linear Enduro format so that is why you have to change it manually.

This format shows each run as a column with the Fastest time being displayed in the far right column.

MTB Multi-Run on Next

Zone4 is also working on a new version of the timing software that can be accessed at In this system the MTB -> Downhill template enables multi-run by default.

You can see this in the “Start & Time Assignment Settings” area where under “Multi-Run” it defaults to “Racers can re-run as many times as they want.”

In this template, the course setup is greatly simplified as the course only needs to be defined once.

Then on results, the multiple runs are listed as “Attempts” with the fastest one being used for ranking and being highlighted as their best time.

For now Next is still under heavy development and so there are lots of bugs to work out. So we recommend using the Linear Enduro format and manually setting the result set to “Fastest Single Segment”. As Next gets more polished feel free to try it out.

Updated on 2021-07-23

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