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How do I make fully bilingual registration forms.

Auto Bilingual Switching

Zone4 enables public usage of registration forms in both English and French by providing fully bilingual text for all buttons, labels, and built-in text.  When a registrant lands on a registration page, the system recognizes the preferred language settings of that person’s browser and defaults to that language page.  The registrant can also elect to switch languages at any time using the links in the upper right corner.

 All of the text pieces hard coded by the system on the public side of the registration forms are automatically bilingual so there is nothing you need to do to translate that text.   That includes the Preset fields such as Firstname, Lastname, CCC Waiver, CCC Membership, etc.

But registration forms are made up of more than just preset fields and provided text.  We recognize that most clubs will elect to provide their own custom text and labels in only one language, but for those that want to make their forms fully bilingual, there are some tools to help you do this.

In order to provide both English and French labels and options that auto-switch, you must ‘tag’ the text pieces with either [e] [/e] brackets, or [f] [/f] brackets.

In the example below, the Field caption: [e]NCCP number[/e][f]Nombre PNCE[/f] will result in just NCCP number being show on the english page, and Nombre PNCE being shown on the French page.

This same principle can be used for all labels and options text.

Registration Title

The concept can also be used for the main title of your registration and anywhere else that you provide custom text.

So a title set as: [e]CCC Coaching License[/e][f]Licence d’entraîneur de SFC[/f] will appear like this on the French side:

And like this on the English side.


Updated on 2018-06-21

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