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How do I export a list of email addresses

Copying Email Addresses

From any registration report grid, (either one of the built in reports like “All Individuals” or a saved report that you have created), click on the Publish & Share button:

And then click the “Copy Email List” button:

This will display a list of all the email addresses in the report, which you can copy and paste into your email program (use either the ctrl+c shortcut on your keyboard, or right click and select “Copy”).

Complying with Anti-Spam Laws

The Canadian anti-spam law says you cannot send unsolicited promotional emails unless the recipient has explicitly opted-in to receiving emails from you.  If you are trying to send an email that is not promotional, you don’t have to worry about this.  However, if you are sending a promotional email you need to be careful that you aren’t violating any anti-spam regulations.

On our registration forms, we ask the registrant to “Opt-in to general club communications”.  If you would like to access a list of only the people who have opted in to receiving those emails, you can find the Opt-In filter in the column header for the email address column:

Or under the Modify Report button in the Filter Rows tab:



Updated on 2017-04-28

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