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Hiding or Renaming Columns on Results

The safe way

You can select the columns that are displayed on results using the options available on the “configure results” page:

Different course setup modes will define different column layouts – for example, triathlon includes the option to display swim/bike/run times, and a multi-lap race shows the option to display full laps only or mid-lap split times.  All setup modes include the option to show only the total time.

If you select the option to show the total time at each point, you’ll notice that the final lap is not displayed as a separate column on the results – this is because the time at the end of the final lap is the same as the finish time, and showing two columns side by side with the same information in them is redundant.

The dangerous way

If you want full control over which columns are displayed on the results, you can click the Edit this group button beside any racer group on the results, and in the More options menu select the Edit Columns option.  This will give you the option to rename or hide any column on the results, as well as selecting which timing point should be used to calculate the start and end of the column: the time displayed in a column is always (the time at the end point) – (the time at the start point).

Only override column displays when you will no longer make any changes to your races course setup. If you make any changes to the course setup after editing the column display it will break your result set for reasons explained below.

When you have edited columns this way, the column definition is stored as a “split index”.

For example, imagine a triathlon where the column labeled “T2” is defined as the run start time minus the bike end time.  Internally, this will be stored as “the 4th time recorded minus the 3rd time recorded”.  If you are using the system-generated columns and you add a split point to the bike course, the columns will be updated so that the T2 column is defined as the 5th split minus the 4th split.

However, if you have edited the column definitions manually, the columns will not update when the course is changed, and will still be referring to the 4th split minus the 3rd split. You’ll now have a column on your results called T2, and the time displayed in that column will be the second half of the bike.  Additionally, the “finish” column will still be using the 6th split as the race end, even though the finish is now the 7th split.  For this reason, if you are setting any custom column definitions you must reset the columns after making any changes to the course setup.

When you have edited the column definitions, you’ll see a red badge on the admin results to remind you that there are custom columns defined:

Updated on 2018-09-26

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