Displaying Time of Day on Results

All times in Zone4 are stored as a time of day (including a date) and normally race results are displayed as a calculated time, either by subtracting a start time from a finish time, or a split time from the next split time to create an intermediate time.  However, you can display the raw recorded time on your results instead of the calculated time.

To do this, navigate to the settings page for your race, and then go to Advanced Settings under the More… menu:

and then check the Experimental Settings option:

Checking this box causes a number of other options to show up immediately underneath it, but also adds some new options on the Configure Results page.  In the results tab, click Configure on the result set you would like to display time of day:

and then in the Time Calculation section select the Display Time of Day option:

Immediately above that option you will also see the Do not show any ranks option, which hides the rank that is normally displayed in the left-most column on race results.  This may be helpful if you are just trying to display a record of times rather than race results.

In time of day mode, all times on the race results will be displayed in the timezone of the computer that assigned start times. Be careful to not click the Assign Start Times button on a computer that’s in a different time zone.


Updated on 2018-04-01

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