Zone4’s multi-administrator system allows you to setup user accounts for multiple club administrators or users and to give unique sets of permissions to each of those users. This makes it possible to control who has access to which sections of a clubs account and what permissions they have on that data. There are currently two types of permissions that can be set, these are; Club Level Permissions, and Item Level Permissions. You can then customize each of these permission types for individual users. Lets looks at setting Club Level Permissions first.

Club Level Permissions

Access your Club Level Permissions In your club overview page by Clicking on “Manage Administrator Permissions” as is pictured below.

In Manage Administrator Permissions, you will see a list of all the users and their permissions within the club. The user account that you are currently logged into is highlighted in Yellow. You cannot edit your own permissions. Note that only “Admin” level users are allowed to add and edit users so users with lesser roles  will not be able to access this section._images/UC2.jpg

Adding Users

To add a user click the “Add User Role” button seen above. This brings up the screen shown bellow where you can set the “Club Level” roles for a user. You must type in the email address of the user you would like to add to your club and select their roles with associated permissions. You can find more info on each of these roles by reading the user permissions levels covered below and by moving your cursor over the ? next to each permission.
Note that the email address entered is that person’s unique identifier and will be used when they login. Adding a new user is granting access to the owner of that email address.

After Clicking Save, the system will check to see if the email entered is a new or existing Zone4 user. If the email already exists as a user in Zone4, perhaps as an administrator in another club, the roles you specified are added to their existing account. Now when they login, they can see a listing of all of the Registration Forms or Races that they have access to from various clubs.  This way a user who has permissions on more then one club can login with one account.

If the email address is a new account, the name and phone number will be listed as “Pending Activation”. An email with a link to activate their account will be sent to the address provided. The new user will need to use this link to activate their account._images/UC4.jpg

Permission Levels

Club Admin

A “Club Admin” account is the highest level of access available. They will have the same role and permissions in their account as you. This includes the ability to edit others permissions and to remove other users accounts including your own. It would be expected that only 1 or perhaps 2 people in a club would need the “Club Admin” role. Sub section permissions or ‘Item Level’ permissions discussed below should be sufficient for other users.

Sub Section Permissions

The permissions shown bellow are Sub Section Permissions. You can add one or more of these permissions to a user giving them full access to those sections of your Club Account. Permissions set at the Club level, grants access to ALL items in that section. So a user given access to “All Registrations” has access to all registrations and records in your Club’s Registration System and Membership Database. This would give them the ability to edit membership records, create new registration forms, edit existing registration forms, and edit live data. Users with Sub Section access will not be able to add other users to the account. See below for setting more restrictive item level permissions.

Item Level Permissions

While Club level permissions to entire sections are great for club executive type positions such as “Registrar” or “Accountant”, Item Level Permissions are good when you only want to give a user access to certain registration forms. To give a user access to a registration form, first navigate to the Registration Forms tab of your club account as is pictured below.

Then select the registration you want to give the user access to and navigate to the “Basic Settings” tab of that registration as is pictured below. Then select the “Advanced Settings” located in the “More Options” menu also pictured below.

You will now see the following window at the bottom of the advanced settings page.

Adding Users

Click “Add Registration Administrator” to bring up the screen pictured below. Just as in Club Level permissions, simply type in the e-mail address of the person you would like to grant access to for this registration. Then, in the drop down menu, select the type of permission you want to give the user. These options are; “Read Only”, “Editing”, or “Editing + Merchant Account” permissions.

Permission Levels

Read Only grants access to viewing reports, but not editing any data. Editing permission grants full access to the registration including editing any data and fields. Editing + Merchant Account will appear as an option for clubs with their own merchant account. Selecting this will allow not only editing access, but the ability to see all transactions specific to that registration, to issue refunds and charge adjustments for carts in that registration.

Race Permissions

You can’t grant permissions for race timing at an Item Level. Access to race files must be done at the Club Level. This means that users either have access to no races, or all the races within a club. You can however limit a users registration access to only the registration tied to a single event.

Once the email is added and permission level selected click “Save” to give the user permissions. Once added, this user will show up in the list of Registration Administrators. If they do not yet have an account they will be sent an email with the link to activate their account. When that user logs in, they will only see the registration they have been granted access to.

Changing a User Roles

As the administrator  you can change or remove roles assigned to any user at any time. These changes will be applied instantly. To change a users role simply click the “Edit” or “Remove” button for that user as is shown below. This is the same at both Club and Item levels.
User Profiles

The user system has been setup so that the Club Admin doesn’t  have to worry about setting and managing passwords or changing user profile details. All you have to do is specify which email address has access to which section. Users themselves take care of setting/resetting their own passwords, updating their profile and even changing their email address if needed.

Updated on February 20, 2017

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