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Why can’t i change my name or email address?

This article is intended for Zone4 admin users, and refers to the email address and name on the account you use to sign in at https://zone4.ca/login. If you are looking to change the email address, name, or any other information you entered on a registration form, please see this other article.

To maintain the security and privacy of the personal information you are collecting from your registrants or club members, each Zone4 user account should belong to one individual person. If you want to change who is authorized to access your club membership, you should add a new administrator. This way, any individual administrator’s access can be revoked if necessary, and passwords do not have to be shared between people who need access to the account. Every person accessing club member’s private information should have their own password. (and you should probably set up two-factor authentication as well, to really keep your account secure)

To help encourage all Zone4 club administrators to follow this best practice, you cannot change the name on your user account. If you want to add a new administrator for your club, please follow the instructions here to add a new administrator instead of changing the name or email address on an existing account.

If your email address has changed, you can add an additional email address to your account by navigating to the “Sign-in Options” tab and clicking on “Add another email address”:

An email will b sent to your new email address to verify that you can actually receive mail there (if you don’t see it, check your spam folder). Click the link in the email to prove you have received it, and then you’ll be able to select your new email by clicking on the “Change which email you use to sign in” link.

Once you have registered an email address with your account, it cannot be removed from your account or used as an email address on any other account. If you no longer have access to an old email address, you should change the address you use to sign in, as password reset emails will only be sent to the email address you use to sign in with.

Updated on 2022-01-25

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