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What to do when no times are being assigned to racers

When no times are being assigned to any racers

Are Timing Devices assigned to the course?

Navigate to the Courses tab for the race, and make sure that the timing devices that the correct timing device is assigned to each point in the race. When using GoChip timing, the Activator needs to selected as that is the device that the recorded times are associated with. The Phone or Reader at the timing point may also be added if you want to use it to look up pings, but the actual racer times will come from the activator.

Are times being received by the Zone4 server?

Check if times are being received by the server by navigating to the Timing tab for the race, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking on a device that should have recorded some times.

Then click the “Recorded Times” link to see a list of all times that the server received from that device since the beginning of the day.

If the recorded times list is empty

If the server has not received any recorded times yet, the list of recorded times for that device will be empty.

  • If this timing device is supposed to be connected to the server and recording times in real time, then follow the device-specific troubleshooting steps to get it back online.
  • Timing devices do not need to remain connected to the server at all times. In areas where connectivity is limited or unavailable, times will be sent to the server when there is a connection. Just be patient, and the times will come in when the internet connection is restored.
  • If you have verified that the timing device is connected to the server, but no times have been recorded, you will need to troubleshoot the physical setup. For a keypad or plunger device, verify that the volunteer operating the device is still awake, present, and entering times on the device. For a GoChip activator, verify that it is set up correctly.

If the recorded times list shows that times are being recorded

If times are being received by the server but not assigned to racers, continue on to the following steps to check your race configuration.

Check the Race Start and End Time

On the Settings page of the race, find the Race Time field. Verify that the race is set to begin before times started being recorded, and that the race is set to end after times will stop being recorded.

This includes both a time and a date. Make sure that not only isthe start and end time correct, but that they are set on the correct dates. Times recorded outside the start and end times of the race will not be assigned to racers.

Check that Racer Numbers and Timing Chips are Assigned

Click on a racer that you know has crossed a timing point. Verify that a racer number and a timing chip is set on the racer. Timing chips should be formatted as a capital letter, followed by a number. If a racer’s timing chip is set to “13” and they’re actually wearing a chip labeled “B13”, times will not be assigned to them.

Once you’ve verified that the correct chip and bib are assigned, check the list of recorded times for that racer to double-check that a time has actually been recorded. It’s easy to get confused on race day and think a racer has come through when they haven’t yet.

If all times are being recorded on timing chips and nothing is being entered on keypads or any other timing device, then racer numbers are not necessary – a racer can just have a timing chip. similarly, if times are only being recorded on keypads, and there is no chip timing then racers do not need a timing chip assigned to them.

Check the Racer and Category Start Times and the race start settings

By default, Zone4 will only assign times to a racer after a start time has been recorded for that racer. If you are not planning on recording start times:

  • Make sure that all racers have a scheduled start time, and that start time is prior to the split or finish times that are being recorded. Finish times before the racer’s scheduled start will be ignored.
  • Make sure the race is configured to record times after the scheduled start time: on the Settings page for the race, expand the Start & Time Assignment Settings section and choose to assign split/finish times after the scheduled start time

Check the Time Windows on each Timing Point

On the Courses page for the race, check underneath each timing point – times will be ignored if they are outside a designated time window:

(By default, there is no time window set per timing point, and all times that fall within the race’s beginning and end time will be assigned. If you don’t see these fields, then you don’t have a time window set)

Check the Minimum Split Times

Times that would result in a racer having a calculated split time between two timing points which is less than the configured minimum split will not be assigned to racers. Click here for more on how to set minimum split times.

Updated on 2021-10-06

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