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Recording Range Time in Biathlon Races

To record times in the range, you will need a timing device at the start of the range. This can be a GoChip activator or any other device supported by Zone4 Timing.

Add the range entry device to your timing configuration by clicking on the Select a Timing Device link at the Range Entry timing point on the course setup page.

The lap timing point will be the end of the range, so you will also need to have a lap point set up in order for range timing to work correctly.

If you do not want to record range times, you can click “remove this timing point” in the three-dot menu beside that point.

Editing Range Times

Range times are recorded and managed just like any other split point in the race. If you need to correct a racer’s range time from the automatically assigned one, click on the racer and edit the time in the list of assigned times.

The lap 1 range time will be the time between L1 Enter Range and L2 Start. The lap 2 ski time will be the time between L2 Start and L2 Enter Range.

Producing Range Time and Ski Time Results

When a race has an enter range timing point set up, you’ll see two new result sets listed on the results page: Ski Time and Range Time.

Range time will be calculated as the time between the enter range timing point and the lap timing point. Ski time will be calculated as any time that isn’t part of the range time. This means that ski time will always be a useful result, but range time will include any penalty loops, so it won’t be very useful except in individual format races, as it will mostly just be a measure of penalty loops skied.

The ski time results include a column for each lap, plus the total time for all laps. the range time results include a column for each time through the range, plus the total time spent in the range. Therefore, the range time results contain one fewer columns than the ski time results.

If you are configuring a new result set instead of using one of the preset result formats provided by the system, you can update any result set to display range time or ski time under the Time calculation settings heading:

Vocabulary note

In a previous version of the Zone4 timing software, the device used to enter shot information at the range was labelled as the Range Data Entry device. This has been renamed to Shot Data to avoid confusion with the new Range Enter timing point that records times as racers enter the range.

Updated on 2020-11-24

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