Biathlon Pursuit Races

In a biathlon “domestic pursuit” format race, racers start on a five-second interval, and the start list is ordered by the racer’s standing in the previous race.  To create a domestic pursuit race, select the appropriate template when creating a new race:

Assigning Start Times

For each start group, you’ll need to set a “First Start” and a “Last Start”.  The first start time will be the time the first racer starts, and racers will be spaced by the interval set in the “interval” column – every 5 seconds by default – until the “Last Start”.  

The “Last Start” represents the mass start time – this will be the start time set for the remainder of the people in the group.

If you aren’t sure what to use for the “last start” time, leave it blank and hit the Assign Start Times button – this will assign all racers in the group an interval start time.  Then you can view the start list, and look down it until you find the racer you want to be first in the mass start.  Whatever their time is should be the mass start time.

You must set a “Last start” time for each group in order for pursuit results to be calculated. If you are not mass starting any racers, enter the time of the last starter.


When using the “Domestic Pursuit” template, your results should automatically use the “Group Start” option – this uses the start time of the first racer as the start time for all racers, to produce pursuit results.  If you would like to display results that reflect the actual ski time only, change this setting to the “Use the individual start time” option.

Updated on 2019-02-23

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