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RapidCam is a relatively new entry into the photo-finish market designed to offer a much more affordable photo-finish camera than what is currently available on the market. Compared to the existing photo-finish products, RapidCam can produce better quality images, has a much simpler “full frame live-view set-up”, easier operation and a much lower price.


  • Generates full colour line scan images with a 2592 vertical pixel resolution.
  • Can be operated from 500 frames-per-second (1925 micro-second exposure) to 2287 frames-per-second (360 micro-second exposure).
  • Exposure can be reduced at 2287 frames-per-second from 360 micro-seconds to 80 micro-seconds.
  • Uses 48V Power-over-Ethernet for both power and data so only a single Ethernet cables needs to be run to the camera.


  • The images are more photo realistic.
  • The images are not as susceptible to ‘blow-out’ due to rapidly changing light conditions.
  • The Full Frame live view Configuration Mode makes setup much easier as it provides a video like feed of the whole finish line area. This makes it much easier to set the camera zoom and focus compared to looking at just a line-scan image.
  • In the software the finish line can be digitally moved in the X axis to line up with the finish outside. The pitch and yaw axis still need to be set mechanically, but having one axis digitally controlled is a time saver.
  • Having a software configurable ‘auto-motion’ zone is great to control which area you want to auto-capture images from is a very nice feature.

What’s Included


  • Easy-to-use camera configuration interface that uses the full 4:3 sensor instead-of a single line. This means the camera only needs to be straight, the actual finish line location on the sensor can be selected in the software.
  • Zero-configuration motion detection algorithm that detects frames that contain motion. This means one click to start recording and that’s it, no buttons to push, no extra hardware to set-up, etc… Can be overridden or turned off.
  • Image viewing and tagging interface. Tagged bibs and times can be viewed on-screen or exported. We are open to building custom export features.
  • Limited racer management and results features.
  • Integration with Zone4’s existing race timing software.
  • Data output for integration to other systems (open to customization and tweaks).
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Updated on 2020-09-03

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