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Is RapidCam suitable for track-and-field?

RapidCam is not ideal for track-and-field as there is no support for an external start time signal. It only provides times from the images (i.e., only finish times). This really is a key component to track events where times can be compared between events and records set. The camera was designed for sports where synchronization between the device providing start times and the photo finish camera is not of particular importance. This is what we see in our two largest sports for RapidCam, cross-country skiing and road racing. Support an external start time trigger is a planned feature but it simply hasn’t happened yet.

No, the RapidCam software main role is for camera configuration, image capture and racer tagging. The RapidCam software communicates with Zone4’s full-featured timing software to import racer information and sends times (calculated from tagged racers) back.

What is the target market for RapidCam?

RapidCam is targeted for sports clubs and race timers looking for a simple and affordable photo-finish solution without the complicated setup and convoluted software. The camera also makes a great addition to an existing Zone4 timing system.

Updated on 2016-08-23

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