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Cross Country Skiing Individual Start Seeding

The information on this page applies only to INTERVAL START DISTANCE race format. Sprint qualifiers and mass start races have different seeding rules, see the nordiq canada tech package for details.

The seeding rules communicated to Zone4 by Nordiq Canada are as follows:

Racers with CPL Points greater than 0 are ordered by points, including racers who do not have a CPL licence but have been given a CPL Points value by the jury for this race.

Those racers are broken into seed groups and randomized within each group
-20 or fewer racers: 2 groups
-21-40 racers: 3 groups
-41 or more racers: 4 groups

Racers with no CPL Points but with a CPL Licence are put in a separate seed group and randomized

Racers with no licence or points are put in a separate seed group and randomized.

As of the 2018/2019 race season, this seeding formula does not match any rules specified in the Noram or nationals tech packages published by Nordiq Canada, but is the rule set that Nordiq Canada would like to be followed. By default, the groups are ordered as follows:

  1. The group of racers that has no licences or points.
  2. the group of racers that has race licences but no points.
  3. The group of racers with the lowest (worst) points, followed by the other groups of racers with points, in order of the lowest points group to the highest points group.

However, the jury can re-order the seed groups at their discretion.

Re-ordering Seed Groups

If you need to re-order the seed groups within a start group, find the Edit this Group option in the three-dot menu beside the start group you would like to re-order:

Screenshot of Zone4 Timing

Then in the Edit Start Group window, scroll down to the CCC Individual Seeding Options section. If your race is not set to use the individual start seed function, this section will not be displayed. Set the order of start groups by entering the seed numbers in the order you would like the groups sorted.

Screenshot of Zone4 Timing
In this example, seed groups 2 and 3 are flipped from the standard ordering

After you have set a new seed group ordering, you will need to re-assign bib numbers and start times in order to make the change take effect on the start list.

Updated on 2022-12-01

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