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Nordiq Canada Division Administration

This guide is for division administrators in Nordiq Canada’s National Membership System. Upon logging into your Division Admin area, you are presented with your Division dashboard with key information, links, and reports.  Totals are recalculated every night so your reports are current each day.

Emailing your Clubs

One of the common tasks you need to perform is to communicate with your club administrators.  Clubs fill out a list of executive positions each year when they activate themselves with the division and can update their list anytime so this list should be your most up to date record of who to communicate with.  Click the “Club Exec EMail List” link in your dashboard to open the following modal.  By default, the list contains all executive positions but you can select specific ones to include in your list using the filters at the top.

Below the filters is a box that contains a semi-colon delimited list of all the matching emails.  Simply copy that list and paste it into the BCC field of any standard email authoring client such as Outlook or GMail.  Note that club executive cannot opt into or out of communication so the filter at the top doesn’t apply to club executives.

Emailing Club Members

Similar to the Club Executive Email extraction tool, when you click “Member EMail List” it brings up a modal listing all of the associated emails.  The key setting here is “Only include members who have opted to receive communication.”  The communication opt-in is selected by each member when they join the division during the online registration process so by default you should only be communicating with those members that have requested it.  If a division feels they have a strong case for a special situation that warrants emailing all club members, even those that did not opt into communication from the division, we would recommend consulting Canada’s anti-spam legislation at: http://fightspam.gc.ca before doing so.   Also note that most email clients have a limit to the number of emails that can be included in the BCC field (often 200) so large email lists may require you to use tools such as MailChimp.

Accessing your Clubs

Another common activity you perform as a division admin is assisting your clubs in setting up their registration and maintaining their membership lists.  Access the list of clubs by clicking the View Full List button under the number of clubs:

Find the club you would like to manage in the list, and click the “Manage this Club” button.  This will display a list of attributes set for that club, and at the top of the page you’ll see a Log In to this Club button.  To see what the club administrator sees, click that button:

Downloading a List of Clubs

You can display all the properties of clubs by clicking the Show Clubs Gridbutton at the top on the list of clubs.  This display can then be downloaded to excel by clicking the Download button at the top of the page. 

Fee Reports

The other common task is to get a report of all fees deposited into your account each week from the various clubs.  Click on the “Total Membership Fees” number to view this report.

The top of the report lists all the fees that are outstanding from clubs. Below that, each week is listed with the totals remit from each club.

Note that your bank account will receive the total amount as one lump sum.  If you have setup registrations for provincial camps or programs in your Registration area, they will be deposited separately into your bank account.

To find the full details on a specific member, simply start typing in the first and/or lastname of the club member.  The list below will begin filtering as you type.

Clicking on the member name brings up their full record.  At the top labelled “Club Membership”, is the club that member is active with.  If the member is active in more than one club, both are listed.  The refund button can be used to refund the division fees from both your province and Nordiq Canada back to the club if special circumstances warrant it.  Note the Refunds Fees button only appears for Divisions who have requested access to this feature.  Without this feature enabled, refund requests must be made through the Zone4 office.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports are a set of filter criteria that are applied to the current season’s records.  Click ‘New Report’ to bring up the set of criteria.  You can filter by gender, age, club, and program.  Instead of filtering by those criteria, you can choose to Group By those criteria instead.

So for instance, to create the following report with each club on a new line, and Group By columns for M and F and Total (along with overall totals at the bottom), all you would select on the configuration is “Group By -> Gender”.

It is important to note that Custom Reports are continuously updated every night when new totals are calculated.  Once you have created a report for particular perspective, you do not re-create the report ever again, you just click on the saved report to view the updated data.  When you switch years using your season switcher, the reports operate on the current year so you can use the same report year after year.  It’s important to understand this design as we often see in Division admin accounts report names such as “Total Membership as of Dec 12”, and “Total SDP 2017” which is an incorrect understanding of how the report criteria works.  You cannot limit reports to a specific date and time, the reports are always operating on the current complete data set  (or end-of-year date of a previous season if you have switched back to a previous year.)

Download Insurance

When clubs activate themselves each year with your division, they are required to update their list of Other Insured Parties.  The “Download Insurance” button on your division home page provides a CSV of additionally insured entities from all clubs in your division.  This report is available to Nordiq Canada so it isn’t necessary to send it to them, but some divisions like to be able to get their own list for curation before sending to Nordiq Canada and so that is something each division can work out with the national office.

Accessing Previous Seasons

To access membership records from previous seasons, select the appropriate year from the season switcher tool in the upper right corner:

Adding New Users

To authorize new users, navigate to Settings in the menu and click the Manage Permissions button:

Only users who already have the Full Permissions level of access will be able to see this button.  

On the following page, click the Add a New User button, and enter the email address of the user that you would like to authorize, then check off the boxes beside all the permissions you would like to grant to the new user.  The last option – Divisional Membership Reports – is the one that gives access to the membership system, but you may also want to give your additional administrators other permissions. 

If the new user already has a zone4 account, they will see a link to your division on their Zone4 home page when they sign in.  If the email address you are adding is not already a Zone4 user, they will receive an email containing a link to set up a Zone4 user account.

Note for Zone4 Staff: you may need to be logged in to a Division Administrator’s club account to see these options.

Registration Forms

Although the primary objective of a Division Administration account is to administer all your clubs and members, Zone4’s flexible registration forms can be used by Division offices to host their own registration forms for things such as provincial team camps, awards banquets, etc.  See our extensive documentation for clubs on how to create and manage registration forms for further information.

As of September 2018, registration forms are no longer accessible by default to all users with access to membership reports – in order for your staff to have access to the zone4 registration system, they must have the Full Permissions or Create and Manage Registration Forms level of access in addition to the Divisional Membership Reporting access level.

Changing Banking Information

To change your banking information please contact support, and we can enter it for you.

Updated on 2021-05-04

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