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Applying Time Penalties, Sanctions, or Jury Decisions

Applying a Time Penalty (or Bonus)

On the main race settings page, turn on the “Time Penalty” field.

Once this field has been enabled, you’ll see a “Time Penalty” field on each racer’s “Timing” tab:

To apply a time penalty to a racer, enter the adjustment in the time penalty  field

It accepts both positive and negative times.

Times can be formatted as minutes+seconds, or just seconds.  e.g. “1:30” or “90” are both valid.

Positive values are applied as a penalty (added to the racer’s total time) and negative values are applied as a bonus (subtracted from the racer’s total time)

By default, no indication of the penalty is displayed anywhere on the results (other than the total time being adjusted).

Displaying Sanctions on the Results

In most race formats, if the race committee sanctions a racer for any reason a note of that sanction should be displayed on the results. 

To enable this, turn on the “Sanctions” field in the main race settings (see the screenshot at the top of this page).   When the sanctions field is turned on, you’ll see a sanctions field in racer info that you can type any text into.  This text will be displayed on the results, below any result groups that the sanctioned racer appears in:

If a racer has a time penalty, it will be displayed alongside the note describing their sanction:

Renaming the Sanctions field

If you would like to call the sanctions field something else, find the field under under the Racers page under Manage Data Fields.

Here change the display name of any racer field.  This will change the title of the sanctions section on the results, as well as the label of the field on the edit racer screen and any other reports you might choose to include the field in.

Updated on 2018-10-15

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