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Nationals 2017 Race Analysis Day 8

For the final race we wanted to compare each racers total uphill time vs total downhill time.  Highlighted below in green, the uphill is the Wall made famous by Beckie Scott in her world cup win in 2005.  In Red is the downhill from the top of the course back to the stadium area.  We have published 3 result sets as follows:

All Uphills (all climbing segments totalled up): https://zone4.ca/race/2017-03-25/af3bff2e/ski-nationals-2017-day-8-long/results/

All Downhills (all downhill segments totalled up): https://zone4.ca/race/2017-03-25/b24aaab6/ski-nationals-2017-day-8-long/results/

All Time Splits: https://zone4.ca/race/2017-03-25/4cb6a7d0/ski-nationals-2017-day-8-long/results/

Note the King/Queen of the Mountain awards are just lap 2 of the Uphill: https://zone4.ca/race/2017-03-25/ab57915a/ski-nationals-2017-day-8-long/results/

Note: yesterday we released the ability to download all split times via the CSV download option.  This will allow coaches and fans to do further analysis on the data.  Have FUN!!