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The QuickList System stores all of your registration information so registering in the future becomes a snap. The QuickList only stores registration details like Name, Address, etc and does not store any payment information like credit card details. The QuickList will store all registrants, including all members of a group registration. Upon future visits to Zone4, simply login (or select Remember Me to have Zone4 login for you) and select people from your QuickList to have all their details filled out in the registration form.

Note: as different registration events often require different information, and have different category and event setups, some entry details may still have to be entered manually.

Deleting Quicklist Entries

To delete unwanted Quicklist entries, go to https://zone4.ca/ManageQuickList.asp and click on ‘Delete’ in the rightmost column of the entry you would like to remove.

If you want to edit or correct an entry, there is no need to delete and you cannot do it here. Instead you simply need to make the appropriate corrections next time you register with Quicklist and the updated information will be saved automatically.

Updated on 2019-01-12

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