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Timing Pricing

Pricing subject to change. All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD) unless otherwise stated.

GoChip Pricing

$2.50 per chip Weekend Rental
$15 per chip 6 Month Season Rental
$25 per chip 1 Year Rental
$60 per chip Purchase

Timing Points

Timing Points require an activator, and optionally require a phone if you want to capture and transmit live times from that point.  You can install the app on your own (or a volunteers’s) android phone, or rent from Zone4 if required.

Activator with wire loop
$100 per activator Weekend Rental
$500 per activator 6 month rental
$1384 per activator Purchase
Android Phone Configured and Optimized + SIM Card
$25 per phone Weekend Rental
$125 per phone 6 month rental
$300 per phone Purchase
(does not include SIM card)

Please contact support@zone4.ca for expected pricing information and availability.

Zone4 Timing Software Pricing

The Zone4 Timing Software costs $1 per racer, per race.

Test Kit Rental

We encourage potential clubs thinking of running a race with the GoChip system to try out a Test Kit in advance. Zone4 does not charge anything to rent a test kit for a weekend but the renter is responsible for the shipping cost. Contact support@zone4 to schedule a test kit if available. The test kit contains 1 GoChip Activator and 7 GoChips for testing purposes. You can run a small race and try everything out to see how the chips work with the new Timing App.


Zone4 staff can provide two levels of support for rental customers:

  • Remote Timing Support $200 A dedicated Zone4 staff member is assigned to your event and is engaged in the lead up to your event and on race day.  Zone4 will work with your local on-site timers to train them in the required knowledge to hand out chips and deploy activators.  Zone4 will take care of pre-race preparation of start list and timing setup in the software.  During race day, you are responsible for handing out chips, making changes to racer information, and setting up activators.  Zone4 staff will monitor race day data and be in communication with your local timer as needed.  Note all first time rental customers must use the “Full-Serve Remote Timings Support” level to ensure a perfect race.
  • Self-Serve Timing Regular EMail and Emergency Support: For clubs that are more experienced, Zone4 has staff available most weekends for support by email and emergency support by phone/voicemail.  It is expected that clubs will quickly become familiar with Zone4 Timing and so regular support is offered as part of the standard usage fee.

Zone4 Online Registration

Pricing is based on a per-person and per/transaction flat fee as well as % portion if paying by credit card. Larger clubs that get BluePay or Helcim merchant accounts can get reduced rates (full details here: Merchant Accounts).

Zone4 Helcim Stripe
Credit Card Rates 3% 2.13% 2.9%
Per Transaction $1 $0.25 $0.30
Per Person (for races) $1.50 $1.50 $1.50
Per Person (for other registrations) $1 $1 $1
Monthly Rate $0 $25 $0

RapidCam Photofinish Camera

  • $250/weekend Rental
  • USD $4895 or CAD $6450 Purchase

Offline Server

For offline local network access to Timing App.

  • $250/weekend Rental
  • $980 Purchase

Bib Printing

  • $0.70/bib Full colour premium quality bibs with participant name printed on
  • $100 Art Setup Fee first year ($50 on subsequent years if only minor changes)

Summit SRT Timer Rental

  • $50/weekend

Rental Damage and Loss Policy

It is the renters responsibility to cover costs associated with damage to and loss of rented equipment from the moment they receive the equipment to the moment it returns to the Zone4 Warehouse. All rented equipment that leaves the Zone4 Warehouse has been tested and is in good working order. It is the renter’s responsibility to check the condition of, and test the received equipment well in advance of the event.

The renter must contact Zone4 within a reasonable period of time after receiving the equipment and before the first event the rented equipment is to be used at, regarding damage to the equipment they received to avoid being charged for this damage. Regarding items that are received damaged, the renter must include in their communication with Zone4, which item(s) was/were damaged including any ID number(s), description of the damage and photo(s) of the damage.

Zone4 checks the condition of rented equipment when it returns to the Zone4 Warehouse and assesses any damage or loss costs. Any assessed damage or loss costs will be billed to the renter. Damage and loss costs are assessed based on replacement or repair costs including parts, labour and costs associated with inventory management.

Item Replacement Cost Common Repair Costs
GoChip $60
GoChip Activator $1384
Auxiliary Battery $75
Phone $200 $80 (cracked screen)
Tablet $400 $120 (cracked screen)
SIM Card $30
USB Battery $40
RapidCam $6450
Offline Server $3000
Summit $1000

Timing Service

If available, Zone4 staff can offer timing services or training for your event. We can quote an event based on the sport, the number of timing points, number of participants, travel time, and timing equipment required.

Updated on 2018-05-03