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Start List and Results features for Coaches and Fans

The Start list and Results views on Zone4 offers several features for coaches doing split timing as well as parents and fans watching both at home and on-site.

The new Zone4 timing software includes the ability to have multiple Result Sets grouping racers in different ways.  So for instance at a CCC sanctioned ski race, a racer could be in 3 different result sets, one for Open, one for Junior, and one for University.  A loppet may have an Overall, By Gender, and Age Group result sets.  These different Result Sets are displayed on the main Event page as pictured below.

You can also switch between these Result Sets using the Results drop down menu on any result set

Once in a result set, you can scroll down to the desired category or select the desired one from the Categories drop down in the top left.

Lap Splits

On mobile devices, the lap times collapse down to show only the most recent split.   If you are doing back splits or want to see what happened on previous laps, use the Times drop down menu in the upper right corner of each category to select the lap you want.  You can also toggle between viewing the Time Behind or the calculated elapsed time on each lap via the Show Times option.

If you are on a wider desktop screen or if you click the All Times option the screen will expand to show all lap times.  The default ordering is by who is currently leading at the furthest point in the race, but you can override that by clicking the lap header to order by a specific lap.

Live Updating

During the race, you will see a small Refresh icon in the upper right corner above the Time drop down.

If your browser supports it, the system will display the following message “Would you like to enable Live Result Updates?”  

If you click Yes the green Live indicator will be added to the top of the result set and you won’t need to click refresh any more, times will automatically appear and results automatically re-calculated without having to click anything or refresh your browser.


On both Start list and Results, by default all racers are displayed.  You can filter to display only racers from a specific club, team, or province by clicking the Race Information link in the upper right corner and then select Filter Racers.

This displays a dialog listing all of the fields that can be filtered by on this specific result set.  You will only be able to filter the racers by the fields that the race organizer has included on the results – for example, if the province is not displayed on the results then you won’t be able to filter racers by province.

When a filter has been applied, only those matching racers are displayed which is useful for reviewing the start list for your athletes or doing splits on course.  A red warning is displayed at the top saying Racer are hidden by filters along with the option to Show All Racers again.  You can also click Clear and Show All Racers in the Filters dialog.

Result Download

If you would like to use the final results for points or selection calculations, you can download a CSV file via the Race Information -> Download Results (CSV) option.

CSV (Comma Separate Values) is a universal format that can be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Excel or Numbers.

Start List Download

Some coaches want to be able to download a CSV file of the start list for doing their own splits.  On the race Start List, click the Race Information button then Download Start List (CSV).

The CSV (Comma Separated Values) file can be opened in any spreadsheet program for manipulation into your own split file format.


Updated on 2019-08-23

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