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Removing a Racer from the Race

To remove a racer, find them by typing their name or racer number into the search tool on the “Racers” page of your race:

(instead of searching, you can also click on a racer’s name in the results or any of the timing views)

In most cases, it is best to not fully delete a racer. Often, as a timer you will get messages from various race officials telling you a racer is no longer in the race only to learn that wasn’t accurate. Leaving them in the race but changing their category to be blank will allow you to quickly re-add the racer later on. In the example below, the race categories are defined by the “WTS Program” field. To remove a racer who was in the “Elite Men” category, i’d change the value of his “WTS Program” field to be “Not Set” to remove him from the race.

If you’re really certain you want to get rid of a racer, you can always click the “Delete this Racer” button at the bottom of the screen to completely remove them.

Updated on 2021-09-01

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