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Introduction to new website

Welcome to the new Zone4!  We have been working very hard to modernize the look of Zone4 and upgrade the administration system for clubs.  Below are some of the key highlights.

Modern styling of public registration pages

  • Easier to use on a small screen.
  • Reduced clutter and cognitive load.
  • Progress bar and clear navigation buttons to guide registrants through the registration process.

User Specific Home

Quickly find and get to the registrations and races you are administering regardless of which club they are under.  This simplifies your initial perspective as a club administrator to the key tasks you perform on a daily basis.

New Navigation

The new admin introduces a consistent navigation scheme that includes:

  • Navigation Breadcrumbs along the top to show where you are and how to get back.
  • “Back to Overview” link in the upper right hand corner of all pages.
  • Upper left hand expanding menu for navigating within a registration, race, or club.
  • Quicklinks to key pages within races and registrations.  This main menu bar floats at the top of the page so you can quickly navigate from any perspective.

Overview Pages

Races, Registrations, and Clubs now have an Overview page which serves as the home base for that item.  The registration and race overview pages tell you where you are in the process of settings things up, and how things are going once live.


Easier Data editing

  • Edit data directly in any report just like excel.

  • Edit data by opening a cart and clicking ‘Edit this Cart’

  • And then to re-issue a receipt, simply click the re-issue button at the bottom.

Smoother Registrations Creation

New Registration Form Builder

  • No more left pane / right pane cramped window editing
  • Easier to edit and insert new fields inline.

Easier Reporting

  • Easier creating, filtering, and grouping, and sharing of custom reports.

Multiple Confirmation Lists

Quite often, for races, it is desirable to publish multiple confirmation lists so that coaches and athletes can review information by club, by category, by team, and to include data such as validated points and licences.

Live Validation tools for races.

Zone4 registrations can now validate live registration data while registrations are still open.  Validation includes updating of points and fixing of clubs, teams, and licence issues.  Combined with the multiple live confirmation list features listed above, this means data can be validated and publicly reviewed on a continual basis.  Access validations from your Registration Summary page under the More menu in the upper right.

Updated on 2019-03-28

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