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How to create an event page


For each event, we recommend that you create an event page:

  • It allows you to create a unique URL that you can share on your Website or social media on which the participants will be able to find the registration and/or the results.
  • You can have multiple results set all linked under that same URL.
  • You can have multiple race files linked to the same event page.
  • It allows you to add more branding for a better customer experience.

Here is how to build an event page:

  1. You can create an event page either from your Zone4 account main page here:

Or you can also go under your organization settings by clicking on your name at the top right of the page and then clicking on your club/organization name:

2. Choose your sport

3. Add event name / Organization and event dates

4. You can also add the link of your Website or Social media that will be added for quick links

Making sure the event page is visible/public

Make sure to set the event page to Public so that is shows on Zone4.ca

Click on Share the Link at the bottom of the page to find the URL

Click on View Public Event Page (Opens in New Tab) to see the public view of the event page:

The URL on your Browser is the link that you can share with your participant on which results will be published

Adding an race file to the event page

Each results set that you will publish will be automatically linked to the event page

Both of those results set are set to be public or to show on Zone4

When I refresh my event page public URL, I can see those 2 results set

You can always navigate back from the race file to the event page editor by clicking on its name at the top left of the page:

I added the image on the event page here:

Here is how a multi day event page can look like:

Updated on 2022-06-03

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