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Getting Around on Zone4

Welcome to Zone4! Your user specific home page provides quick access to your registrations and races that you have recently worked on. To get back in, just click the race or registration form you’d like to work with.

Getting back to your Home Page

You can always get back to your home page by clicking the Zone4 logo in the top right.
You can always follow the breadcrumb trail for the simplest path from the home page to where you are right now. To jump to any step in the breadcrumb trail, just click it.

The admin side of Zone4 has a consistent navigation scheme that includes:

  • Navigation Breadcrumbs along the top to show where you are and how to get back.
  • Upper left hand expanding menu for navigating within a registration, race, or club.
  • Quick links to key pages within races and registrations. ┬áThis main menu bar floats at the top of the page so you can quickly navigate from any perspective.

Overview Pages

Races, Registrations, and Clubs have an Overview page which serves as the home base for that item.  The registration and race overview pages tell you where you are in the process of settings things up, and how things are going once live.  You can navigate from the overview page using either the left hand menu, quick links along the top or the navigation links in the overview page.

To get started setting up registration forms, see here.

Switching between a Race and Registration

The same registration form will often be used as the basis for multiple different races. On both the Race Overview page and the Registration overview page, you’ll find a link between these two items.

Races are usually created by selecting a registration to import from.   When you are in one of your races, you can use the left hand main menu item for “Registration Form“, or the link on your Race Overview under “Enter Racers” to jump back to the Registration Form.

If you are in the registration, you can jump to one of the linked races from the bottom of the registration overview.  You can also jump into any linked race using .  You can also access your races from the club’s “Races” list, or from your user specific home page upon login.

Updated on 2019-03-28

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