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When creating a race, select the “road race” template to turn on same-time display

Same Time Display

UCI Road Race rule 2.3.040 says “All riders in a given bunch shall be credited with the same time when they cross the finishing line.” It doesn’t say what “a bunch” means, but we’ve defined it as meaning if a racer is less than 1.2 seconds behind the racer in front of them, they’re in the same bunch, and we display “s/t” when the racer is given the same time.

You can change both the threshold and the display under the Sport Template Options section of the race settings:

Displaying time behind instead of time

The road race template displays the time behind instead of the finish time.  You can change this using the “display time behind” option under the sport template options, or on the result format settings.

Just make everything up

If the commisaires start handing out random finish times for some reason, you can enter them as text that has no impact on the result calculation.  Or if you need to artificially change the rankings but display times that don’t match the ranks, you can put the actual finish time in the Finish Text field and give racers a made-up time that puts them in the desired order.

Turn on the “Allow Finish Display Override” option under experimental settings:

and then enter whatever text you want to display in the Finish Text field:

This will be displayed in the total time column on the results:


Updated on 2017-10-18

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