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Entering activities for a challenge hosted on Zone4.ca

After you have registered for a challenge hosted on Zone4.ca, you should receive an email containing a unique link where you can submit activities for the challenge. These emails are sent out by “Zone4 Sign-In”, and look like this:

After clicking on the big link in the middle that says “Click here to get Started”, you will be taken directly to the following page:

If you have a Zone4 account under the same email address as you signed up for the challenge, the link in the email will take you to Zone4 without entering your password again only once. After it has been used once, you’ll need to enter your password to continue. If you do not have a password set on your account, the link that is emailed to you will continue working until you set a password. Upon setting a password, you will need to enter that password to upload activities.

Syncing from Strava

If you choose to connect your strava account, every activity you sync from strava will be automatically transferred over to Zone4 and counted towards any challenges that you are participating in. You do not need to re-sync your activities each time you upload a new one, strava will send them to Zone4 as you add them to strava.

If you are signed in to strava, your Zone4 profile will be linked to whatever strava account is signed in. So before you link your strava account, make sure you’re signed in to the correct account on strava. (if you’re not signed in to strava, strava will ask you for your strava password before your account can be linked)

For more detailed instructions on linking your strava account, click here.

Uploading a GPX file

GPX files are a standard format that can be exported from most watches. Once a GPX file is uploaded, it will be automatically counted towards any challenges that you are participating in. You can select and add many gpx files at once, making this a nice convenient option if you don’t have strava.

We can automatically detect the date, time, and distance from your GPX files, and the activity title will be pre-filled with the filename. But we can’t automatically detect the sport, so make sure to select the sport for each file you’re adding.

Entering details manually

If you did not track your activity through any GPS tracker, you can still record it in challenges, although it may not count for some challenges if they require a GPS track.

Enter the details of your activity and click the save button.

Checking your Standings

To see where you stack up in the challenge, head over to the “Results” tab on your homepage while signed in

Find the challenge you’re participating in in the list and click on it to see your full summary.

To see the full leaderboard with all participants you’re ranked against, click on your ranking.

Updated on 2021-01-25

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