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Creating a Virtual Challenge

The virtual challenge platform is currently discontinued. Check in with support@zone4.ca for more info. We apologize for the trouble. Zone4 Team.

Getting Started

Welcome to the new Zone4 virtual challenge platform. Below, you will learn how to use the platform and you will be ready to start your own first Virtual Challenge !

  • The first step is for you to connect to your Zone4 account or if you don’t already have one, create your free Zone4 account here: https://zone4.ca/signup
  • Click on “time a race”.
  • From here, you can select all the different sport templates that our current timing software offers. For this exercice, let’s pick “running”.
  • Choose “Gun Start” as the format.
  • Then, enter the challenge information. If you have access to multiple organisations, make sure to select the correct account. (See image below)
  • Make sure to at the bottom that the option for “participants to submit their results” is on.
  • Next step choose “do not import racers”
  • Next step, click on create race.

Creating the race file

Here are the different steps to go through on the race file to get your challenge ready. We will go from Settings to Timing from the menu situated at the top of the race file:


Time and Date

  • Here you will be able to change the date and time of the event. If it is a multiple day, make sure to select the days on the calendar.

Public results submission

Needs to be “ON”

Other Settings

  • You will want to create an “Event Page” for your virtual challenge. Find all the details about event pages here: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/introducing-zone4-event-pages/
  • For most challenges, you won’t need the other options from the settings. Feel free to navigate and try the ones you want.


Custom Racer Fields

Here you will be able to add any fields that you will want to add on the form that the participants will fill up when they submit their times.

  • Once you opened the tab, click on “Create a new field”
  • A good example is “City”. You can keep all added fields as “text” if you want to participants to be able to type in their information. When you are ready, click save at the bottom.

Categories or distances

You will be able to create different categories or distances.

Photo Upload

Allow participants to upload racers so that they can share a photo of them participating or an image of their course.

Still under “Custom racers field” go on the tab to the left “Standard race field”

Start List

Since we are not using start list for a virtual challenge, take the option, “Keep all racers in one start group” and this completes the start list step.


In this example, we have 3 distances, we will then create 3 courses.


In the results, you can create as many results set you need. We recommend an overall one and a category one. Here is a link from our help doc on how to create multiple results set: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/creating-multiple-results-sets/

Once you set your results set to “show on Zone4” they will be shown on the Event Page.

Time to launch the virtual challenge!

Once your event page and your race file are created, you can start sharing the link of the event page so that people can start participating.

  • At the bottom of the event page, the participants will click on View Results:
  • Then they will click on “Upload your results here”
  • The more info option will open up the information you added under the “racer” tab on the race file
  • Here is an example of how the information in this example can be filled.
  • You can also see where to upload the image.
  • At the bottom, choose the course and enter your time!
  • You then get the option to share on Facebook, see personal result page or see full results list.

Personal Result Page

Full Results List

Here is an example of how the full results list can look like. This results says “live” which means it is still accepting participants.


Zone4 are super excited to be there to help race organizers to always be able to offer inspiration and cool events to the sport community in any circumstances. We hope you will enjoy creating virtual events and challenges on our software! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions at support@zone4.ca

Updated on 2023-01-23

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