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Changing a Racer’s Start Time

Changing a Scheduled Start Time

Scheduled start times are the times that are displayed on the start list. In some scenarios, you may also want to use the scheduled start time to limit what other times get assigned, using the settings to assign times after the scheduled start or only around the scheduled start.

In an interval start (aka individual start) race

To simply change a racer’s start time, click on the racer and type in the new start time that you want the racer to start at in the “scheduled start time” field.

However, be aware that changing the racer’s scheduled start time will not have any effect on any other racer’s scheduled start time. If another racer has the same start time, you will then have two racers with the same time – it won’t bump other racers down to make room for the new racer. If you want to update the start times for the whole category, you’ll need to use the start list builder tools to assign start times again.

In a mass start (group start) race

On the Start List page for the race, scroll down to the Assign Start Times section, and click the Start Time Tools button to make sure Set for each group is checked.

Then, beside the category whose start time you want to change, type in the new start time, and then hit the Assign Start Times button to make sure that the new time is applied to all racers.

Changing an Assigned Start Time

Assigned start times are the times that actually get used to calculate results – it’s the time the racer actually started the race at, not the time they were supposed to start the race at. After you have added the correct timing devices to your course setup, times from the start device will automatically be assigned to racers, filling in the “Assigned start time” field. If an incorrect time is assigned to a racer or group, use these instructions to fix it.

In an Interval Start (aka Individual Start) Race

Find the racer (from the results, start list, or the racers page for the race) and click on them to navigate to the timing page for that racer, and then type the correct start time into the Recorded Start field for that racer:

If start times were recorded for this racer, you’ll see them listed in the All Recorded Times panel on the right side of the page, and you can copy it over to the field on the left.

In a Mass Start (aka Group Start) Race

Navigate to the Timing tab for the race, and click the “Manage Start Times” link:

Beside the start group whose time you want to modify, in the “Recorded” column, enter the new start time:

Or hit the “record” button to fill in the current time.

Looking up a Group Start Time

If you have added a keypad to the start, and have asked a volunteer to type in the bib number of somebody in the start group and hit enter, the start time will be automatically assigned to the group. But in many cases they will enter an incorrect bib, or hit enter multiple times, or something else unexpected will happen at the start and you’ll need to correct the start time of the group. In this case, find the start device in the list of timing points at the bottom of the Timing page, click the device, and open the Recorded Times List. Find the time in that list that looks like the actual start time, and copy it into the recorded column on the Manage Start Times page.

Setting an different start time for one person in a mass start race

If a person decides not to start with their assigned start group in a mass start race, and the race jury decides they should be credited with their actual start time, you can enter their correct start time by finding the racer in any racer list (results, start list, find race page) and navigating to their “timing” tab. Then click the “Set DNF/DNS” button and find the “Set ind. start time” option:

Clicking on that option will make the “individual start” field appear, and you can type in a separate individual start time for that person as if it were an interval start race:

(in most cases, this option is unnecessary – if a racer starts early they should be disqualified from the race, and if they start late they are counted as if they started on time – the amount of time they were late is an implicit penalty.)

Updated on 2021-10-12

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