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CCBC Timing Equipment Available for Clubs

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Cross Country BC is pleased to announce it has acquired new Zone4 GoChip timing equipment thanks to the generous support of the BC Games Society.   Funding was provided through the Society’s Powering Potential Fund, an initiative to strategically invest in projects to further develop sport in BC.  In addition to future BC Games, this timing equipment will also be available for BC Cross Country Ski clubs to use for their own event hosting.

Equipment storage, maintenance, booking, and shipping will be managed by Zone4 in Canmore.  The equipment is free to use for BC Cross Country Ski clubs, except for a small shipping & handling charge of approximately $70.  Clubs may choose to rent additional equipment if needed and pricing can be calculated using Zone4’s cost calculator: https://zone4.ca/pricing/calculator/

For an overview of the GoChip timing system please see here: https://zone4.ca/about/gochip/

For more details on what equipment is needed for different levels of races, see Zone4’s Cross Country Overview here: https://zone4.ca/sports/crosscountryskiing/

Priority of use, in case of conflicting events:


  • BC Winter Games and BCWG ‘test events’ – 1 per winter
  • National-level races in BC (e.g. NorAms, Westerns) – typically 2 events in Dec
  • Teck BC Cups, Teck BC Track Attack Champs – 4 events, usually no other events on these dates
  • Teck Regional Cups
  • Local races & loppets

Full event schedule: http://www.crosscountrybc.ca/competition-schedule


  • BC Summer Games – every 2nd summer
  • Provincial Camps
  • Teck Regional Camps
  • Local camps

Other than BC Summer Games, equipment may not be used for other sports.  We want to minimize wear & tear and extend the battery life of the GoChips, which are not cheap to replace.

Booking timelines:

  • For national and provincial events, please book at least 2 months in advance of the event.  This will ensure you get priority over other events.  After that, it’s first come, first serve.
  • For regional events, please book within 1 to 2 months of the event.  This will ensure you get priority over local events. First come, first serve.
  • For local events, please book no sooner than 1 months before the event.  First come, first serve.
  • To book, start with the Cost Calculator here https://zone4.ca/pricing/calculator/ to add any additional GoChips or equipment needed.  Of if no additional equipment is needed go straight to the booking page here: https://zone4.ca/contact/?topic=rental  Zone4 will coordinate exact support requirements, and equipment and shipping details.

Your reservation of the CCBC timing equipment will be confirmed by Zone4 staff. Your reservation will not be finalized until you have received an email from Zone4 confirming your rental of the CCBC equipment.

Zone4 Timing Services

Zone4 offers 3 levels of support detailed here: https://zone4.ca/about/timing/  The goal is that all clubs in BC will become proficient enough to time races themselves as there is no charge for Self Timing clubs.  For clubs that need some extra assistance, especially if it’s your first time using the equipment, Zone4 recommends our Remote Timing support option.  https://zone4.ca/about/remotetiming/  NorAM and National level races may desire to have a Zone4 contractor on hand but the goal is to not require that level.


In order to become proficient at timing software: https://zone4.ca/about/timingsoftware/, Zone4 recommends clubs working through our Cross Country Timing Guides here: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/xc/ and explore the full Zone4 timing software documentation here: https://help.zone4.ca/cts/ta/

For clubs that are booking the GoChip system, we strongly recommend booking a Zone4 Test Kit: https://zone4.ca/contact/?topic=testkit in advance and working through the following guide: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/using-a-zone4-test-kit/

There is also a helpful guide of things to think about as you prepare for race day: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/race-day-preparation/

For race secretaries interested in learning more about their role in the preperation for races, there is a great guide on best practices here: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/xcski-validation-and-list-processes/

If your club was familiar with Zone4’s legacy software package, there is an introduction to what’s new and FAQ here: https://help.zone4.ca/kb/introduction-to-new-zone4-timing-software/

 Luc Guilherme from Overlander Ski Club in Kamloops has graciously offered to help clubs in BC if they require more hands on support. ljguilherme@shaw.ca

Updated on 2021-06-23

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