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BRS Rank Calculations

Click here to access the BRS ranking admin overview page: https://next.zone4.ca/manage/rankingsystem/0406d410-7bdc-11eb-a350-0242ac110003/overview

Importing results

Click the Import Race Results button


Then click the “From other clubs” checkbox to show all race results that can be imported.

Click the name of the race you want to import results from to continue. Then select a result set. All racers on the selected results set will be imported, but the ranks or category groupings don’t get used for calculating BRS rankings. So if there’s result set called “U23 results” or something, don’t choose that. but if there’s a choice between “overall results” and “category results” or something like that, then it doesn’t matter which you choose.

Setting technique and distance

The ranking system needs to know what category and technique each course did. in order to import rankings, you need to set these values. enter the appropriate values for each course into the table. Then click the “calculate rankings” button.

Reviewing the import

Go back to the ranking system overview, and click the Racers button. find one of the racers in the race you just imported, and click their name to see all their records. or else go to the public listings at https://zone4.ca/rankings/brs and find the race you imported in the list there.

Updated on 2022-12-21

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