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Continuing in 2019, CCBC in collaboration with clubs across BC is offering a Punch Pass that allows holders to ski at 25 participating clubs.  Proceeds are split between the selling clubs, and CCBC who issues the Punch Passes.  In order to help clubs sell the punch passes and automate the collection and remittance of data and funds to CCBC, Zone4 has added a Preset Field to the registration system.  This preset field can be added to any membership, race, or program registration.  To add the punch pass to a registration form, click Insert Field and select BC Punch Pass from the Preset Fields drop down.

   When adding the field to a registration form, the main setting to configure is the question: “Is your club participating with trails.”  Select Yes if you are one of the 25 clubs participating in the program with your club trails available to punch pass holders.  Select No, if your club doesn’t have trails or is not participating in the program.  Selecting No still allows you to sell the Punch Pass to your registrants, but your club will only receive 10% of the proceeds instead of the 50/50 split for participating clubs.

With the preset field added to your registration form, it appears like this on the public side of your registration.

The fee is treated just like any other fee field on your registration and payment can be made just like other fees by either credit card or cash/cheque according to your payment settings.  Zone4 will remit the percent owing to the club and the CCBC portion to CCBC.  For cash/cheque payment and for clubs that have their own merchant account, Zone4 will debit the CCBC portion on a weekly basis and send to CCBC just like division and SDP fees.   CCBC will mail out punch passes weekly as registrations are collected.

This automation means there is no added work for the club to offer this great program to your members, and it doesn’t matter if you are a participating club or not, all members in BC can benefit from the program.

It is currently possible to add the punch pass to your registration form at the cart level. This is a bug in our system that will be fixed soon, if the punch pass field is added to the cart level it will not function properly. For now, please make sure to only add the punch pass element to the “individual fields” section of your registration form.   Also note that the fees on the admin side display still list the 2018 prices.  On the public side, the new pricing is in effect.

Updated on 2023-10-10

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