Alge Start Clock

The Alge ASC2 Start Clock has the following key buttons

  1. Ensure the clock is charged fully with a kettle plug before your race. The green LED button above the power button indicated when the charge is full.
  2. Turn on the clock using the power button
  3. Store Yes flashing red, click BLACK button once
  4. Scan GPS – click BLACK button once or wait 15 sec
  5. 01:23:45 (or whatever time) displayed with hrs flashing – if the digit is correct, click the BLACK button to advance to the next digit.
  6. If the digit is incorrect, use the GREEN button to increment the digit.
  7. Set the time to the next minute on your phone.
  8. Wait for 10 seconds without hitting any buttons and the time digits will stop flashing and the red SnC will flash.
  9. As soon as your phone ticks over to the next minute, hit the GREEN button which starts the clock
  10. After 5 seconds, Program will appear in green and flashing red 02.
  11. Click BLACK button to keep the 02 program selection (which is 30 second starts which is what you want.)
  12. Clock will get into the 30 second count down mode within the next minute and start beeping.
  13. Adjust Beep volume using dial.
  14. When you mess up the above sequence and/or need to sync to a different time, turn off the unit and start from step 2 again.

Updated on 2019-05-22

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