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Alberta Cup Series Points

Access the alberta cup series points page by signing in to Zone4.ca with a password that has permission to access the Nordiq Alberta Registrations club. Find the Alberta Cup item in the list, and click on it to get to the landing page:

Import Race Results for a new day

After each race has completed, click the “Import Race Results” button, and then click the Add Another Stage button at the bottom. This will add the new race as a new column on the series results. If you are not trying to add a new column to the series results, don’t click the “Add another Stage” button.

A new window will appear with a list of races. Click the “Include Races from Other Clubs” checkbox to see any races that have public results, and find the appropriate race in the list. Click “Import this race” when you have found the race that contains the results to import.

this may appear to be doing nothing while the race data loads. be patient. Then, the window will switch to displaying some configuration options:

Select a Result Set: you will need to select which result set on the race contains the Alberta Cup Categories. this result set should have the following categories, with names that match this EXACTLY. Whoever is timing the race will need to create this result set for you, and ideally name it something like “results for ab cup point import”. It needs to be either public or shared by link. You can’t see here which result set has the correct categories, you need to ask the timer what the correct one is.

Select the Unique Racer ID field: choose the “exact name match” option
Import YOB: depending on how the registration was set up, there may be multiple data fields in the race that could represent the YOB. choose the field that contains the racer’s year of birth.
Import Club: depending on how the registration was set up, there could be multiple fields on the race that represent the racer’s club. choose which one you want to import.

then, click the blue Save button to save the settings you selected. This will take you to a category matching screen, where you can catch if any of your category names don’t match:

in this example, none of the category names are correct because the timer has included the distance in the category name when they set up the race results.

If the “import to series category” column is blank, the indicated race results category will be imported as a new category to the series. If there is a value in the “import to series category” column, that means it has been matched up correctly and you’re good to go. You can overrride the matching if necessary, but if you’re importing from a result set with correctly named categories you shouldn’t have to.

click the blue “preview points import” button at the bottom of the page to go to the next step. You’ll see a screen showing how many points are going to be assigned to each racer. If it looks like the right racers are getting the right points, click the blue “Import these points” button at the bottom to finish the process.

Checking that the points imported

go back to the overview page, and click on Series Results to see what you just imported.

Removing non-alberta racers

to remove racers that are not eligible for series points, click on “participants” on the overview, find the racer in the list, and delete them. When prompted, choose the option to “Delete Permanently”

this will not trigger a re-calculation of the series points. When you’ve deleted all the non-alberta racers, you need to re-import the series points for any races that those racers were included in the results for.

Re-Importing Series Points

If the race results change after the series points are calculated, or if you delete any racers from the series, you need to re-import the points. To do this, click the “import race results” button on the overview page, and then find the “Re-import all” menu option in the top right:

Alternately, if only the results from one race have changed or if you want to review the import settings before re-importing, you can click the “Import Race Results” link beside that race, then click the “Preview Points Import” button at the bottom of the page, and then “Import these Points”

Updated on 2022-12-21

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