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Add a New Racer

To add a new racer to an existing race, navigate to the Racers tab and click the green “Create a New Racer” button near the top of the screen. You will be asked to enter the racer’s name, number, timing chip, and any other fields that are present on the racer.

If you have already set up start groups, course groups, or resuts, the racer will be automatically added into the appropriate groups based on the data you enter for the racer. The Create a new Racer screen does not enforce that any fields are filled out, but if you do not enter all the necessary information to add a racer to a start group, course group, or result group, they may not show up.

For example

  • in a race set up with 5K and 10k course groups, if you create a new racer without selecting a distance that racer will not be included in any course, so no times will be assigned to them and they will not appear on the results.
  • If you add a racer and do not enter a gender for them, and the results are configured with only male and female groups, the racer will not appear on the results.

Updated on 2021-09-01

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