• Zone4 Quicklist

    Basics The QuickList System stores all of your registration information so registering in the future becomes a snap. The QuickList only stores registration details like Name, Address, etc and does not store any payment information like credit card details. The QuickList will store all registrants, including all members of a…

  • Just-In-Time Chip Translation

    This tool is used for generating translations for chips after they are manufactured. You will need an activator and a phone scoped to any club. A barcode scanner is also useful for motorsports chips. Turn on and sync the activator, and plug a loop in, coiled up for reading a…

  • Find your Operating System and Version Numbers

    Visit https://zone4.ca/browser to display your web browser and operating system versions and check to make sure your computer is compatible with Zone4. Signed in Zone4 users can also send this information to our support staff automatically by clicking the “Report an Issue” link in the site header:

  • Triathlon Features

    Set your race sport to Triathlon when creating your race to activate Triathlon features. Start Waves Start waves are sometimes called heats. Waves split your start categories into smaller start groups defined by a maximum number of racers per wave. Go to Create the Start List as in a normal…

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