Testing Chips

To verify that all your timing chips are working prior to a race, set up a timing loop according to the directions here: GoChip Hardware Setup Guide.

Finding the Chip Tester

When you have done that, find the settings page for your GoChip Activator by clicking on your club name in the Settings menu. This will open the Organization Settings page:

Scroll down to Manage Timing Devices in the race timing section

Find your activator number in the list of connected devices:

Select Chip Tester in the “More” menu:

The following page will appear:

Testing Chips

  1. Hang your chip rack up and give them a good shake. Chips fall asleep if they have not moved in 10 minutes
  2. Turn on the GoChip Activator you selected and wait for it to sync
  3. Turn on your Android Phone and open the Zone4 GO App
  4. Attach your Timing Loop to the Activator
  5. When all lights are solid GREEN you are ready to test!
  6. Hold the loop over the chips and pass over each chip in a sweeping motion. We recommend going over the Chip rack twice to make sure you get a good read on all chips

NOTE THAT: the chips must be in the loop field for AT LEAST 5 seconds. Test slowly and thoroughly!

As you pass the Timing Loop over the chips, the GO App should beep as it reads the Chips. The test page will indicate if there are any chips that failed to read. If there are no misses, your test page will look like this:

If a wrong batch message or duplicate reads message appears, it is not relevant in most cases – you may see some numbers reported there, but it doesn’t indicate a problem.

You should never see any no translation chips – that means the timing chip has not been registered in our system and has no number assigned to it.

If there are missing chips, the test page will indicate which chips did not read:

If missing chips appear, either they are physically missing from the rack or they are not functioning properly. If the chip is not physically missing, remove it from the rack and pass it directly over the Timing Loop. If the chip is still missing, it is dead and needs to be replaced.

If you want to test again, or you have more than one rack of chips to test, hit theĀ Reset button or refresh the page to clear all the counters.

Testing the Chip Batteries

To test the chip battery levels, click the Check for Low Battery button.

It will take about 30 seconds for the page to indicate the battery levels of the chips. When the battery levels have been read, a yellow Low Battery box will appear. If none of the chips have low battery levels, the page will appear as follows:

If the any of the chips have a low battery reading, the corresponding chip numbers will appear on the page.

Updated on 2019-05-15

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