Testing Chips

To verify that all your timing chips are working prior to a race, set up a timing loop according to the directions here: GoChip Hardware Setup Guide.

Finding the Chip Tester

When you have done that, find the settings page for your GoChip activator by going clicking on your club name in the Settings menu to get to the Organization Settings page:

and then scroll down to Manage Timing Devices in the race timing section

You should then be able to find your activator number in the list of connected devices:

and select Chip Tester in the “More” menu:

Testing Chips

When you bring a rack of chips over the timing loop to activate them, this page will detect the highest numbered chip and the lowest numbered chip in your set, and tell you of any chips between those numbers that were not detected.  In the example below, i’m using a rack with chips numbered 401-500, which can be seen on the line immediately under the device name, and 15 chips have been removed from the rack – those are listed under the “missing chips” after I’ve passed the rack over the timing loop.

Give your chips a good shake before testing them – they go into sleep mode while they’re in storage, and wake up again based on motion. It probably takes more motion than you think to wake them up.

The wrong batch or duplicate reads numbers should not be relevant in most cases – you may see some numbers reported there, but it doesn’t indicate a problem.

You should never see any no translation chips – that means the timing chip has not been registered in our system and has no number assigned to it, it will just report its hex code.

If all the chips on the rack are functioning properly, you’ll see the screen say “No Missing Chips”.

If you want to test again, or you have more than one rack of chips to test, hit the reset button or refresh the page to clear all the counters.

Updated on December 14, 2018

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