Signing up with Helcim

Application Process

Zone4 has partnered with to provide merchant accounts to interested clubs. It’s important to understand the full process and documentation requirements so here is the full on-boarding process which you should review before deciding to go with Helcim.

  1. Go to:
  2. Fill in your own name, Club (Organization) name, and email address and click Create Account.

  3. You will be emailed temporary password to verify ownership of your email account.  Follow the link to singin with your Username/EMail and temporary password.

  4. Login and choose your own password and confirm your new password.

  5. Once you have logged in, you can either start your application process, or explore the admin dashboard.  It’s good to get a start on the application process as this is the longest part. Under “Start the Application” choose $35/mth Online – Start Now.
  6. The application has 5 main steps on the left hand menu.  One Step 1 New Application, select the following default options and click “Continue to Next Page”.
  7. Business Info is step 2 and contains several sections.  First is General Business Information which is straightforward.

  8. Transaction Information.  Under “Find Out Industry Type” select Edit Code and use the search bar to find your business type.  The most likely matches for your club may be:  Sporting and Recreational Camps, Recreation Services – Not elsewhere classified, Membership Organization – Not Elsewhere Classified, Athletic Fields or Ski Slopes.
    The Average Delivery Turnaround question is more specific to retail locations who ship products to customers.  For membership and program type registrations, the answer is usually 1 day as membership benefits and ‘belonging to the club’ begin as soon as registration is complete.  For “Do you accept credit card payments directly on your public website, the answer is No as your club’s website will not be processing credit cards yourself.  

  9.  Transaction Volumes.  The key with this section is to be within about 20-30% of your actual.  It’s better to estimate slightly higher than what you expect as your merchant underwriting bank will raise red flags if you suddenly blow past your estimates by 50%.  When it comes to “What is your largest average transaction” estimate the amount that your largest 5-10 transactions are per year which helps to answer the following question.

  10. You will need to provide proof of your business existence by uploading a scanned document on the following pages.  The selected document must be detailed here.  There are a number of documents that you can provide with the most common being Business License or Registration, Certificate of Incorporation, or Letter or Notice of assessment.

  11. Your organizations Banking Information is requires so that funds collected can be deposited directly into your bank account.
  12. If you do not have a separate bank account for billing, you can click “Remove Billing Account”.

  13. Principals.  All merchant accounts must be identified with an individual principal for verification purposes.  If more than one principal is to be added click the “Add Principal” button on the right.

  14. The business address section can be completed just once, or have different addresses for Mailing Address, Shipping Address, or other addresses.

  15. That completes the main part of your registration for a Helcim merchant account.  The final step Submissions, is where you will upload scanned copies document.

Once all of this is submitted to Helcim, you can expect to have your application approved within a few business days and be up and running in no time.

Switching from Helcim Legacy to Commerce

For clubs that have been on Helcim legacy gateway, it is very simple to switch to Helcim Commerce and take advantage of Zone4’s tighter integration and easier refund and charge adjustment functionality.  Firstly, you must contact Helcim by email or phone to request activation of your Helcim Commerce account.  The easiest is to send the email from the main club email that setup your Helcim legacy gateway so that Helcim has written authorization from the email address they have on file.  It will take about 4-5hrs for Helcim to migrate your legacy carts and transactions so plan to have your any open registrations closed during this time so no transactions get processed while the migration is progressing.  Once migration is complete, Helcim will send you new login details for Helcim Commerce.  Proceed with the steps below to setup the link between your commerce account and Zone4.

Setting up your Helcim connection to Zone4

While your account is being approved by Helcim, you can proceed setup your API connection to Zone4.

  1. From your home dashboard, click on logo labelled “Helcim Commerce”.  

  2. On your Helcim Commerce dashboard, on the left hand menu click “Integrations” and “API Access“.  On the API Access page, click “New API Access.”
  3. Nickname the Access as Zone4 and then proceed to check all of the Access Restriction boxes EXCEPT the one that says “Access Self-Transactions Only” – leave that one unchecked.  Click Save when done.

  1. When you click Save, you will then see a “Token” value listed below the Nickname.  Copy that Token value into an email.

  2. Also copy the “Account id” that you see in the lower left hand corner of the screen and paste that into the email as well.
  3. Next, in the left hand menu, click on Payment Pages and Helcim.js
  4. Then click the New Configuration blue button in the upper right corner.

  5. On the New Configuration screen, choose the following options:
    1. Yes for Include XML on Response
    2. Set the Name to ‘tokenize only’.
    3. Set Transaction Type to “Card Verfiy (Tokenize Only)
    4. Yes on Enforce Hashing
    5. Click Save
  6. When you click Save, under Security Settings, Helcim will generate a Token and Security Key.  Copy these both into the same email for sending to Zone4.
  7. Once you have received approval from Helcim that your merchant account has been approved, send this email with the AccountID, API Token, Jelcim.js Token and Secret Key value to so that Zone4 can link your Zone4 account with your new Helcim merchant account.
  8. Zone4 will connect your Zone4 account to your Helcim account and then test the connection.  In order to test the integration fully, Zone4 will do the following:
    1. Setup and approve a new registration called “Helcim Live Test”.
    2. Register ourselves into that registration and pay $2.  This ensures our credit card is charged successfully.
    3. Zone4 will then refund $1 of that transaction from within Zone4 to make sure refunds are working correctly.
    4. Zone4 will leave the remaining $1 on our card so that your first transaction can settle automatically that night and you should see the first deposit into your bank account the next day.
  9. After successfully testing your account Zone4 will notify you that you can begin running transactions through Zone4 onto your merchant account.
Updated on 2018-09-18

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