Signing up with Helcim

Application Process

Zone4 has partnered with to provide merchant accounts to interested clubs. It’s important to understand the full process and documentation requirements so here is the full on-boarding process which you should review before deciding to go with Helcim.

  1. Go to: and enter your information in the signup form.

    Helcim has recently launched a new website, and this documentation refers to the old site. We will update our documentation to match soon, but for now please still read down to find the information you’ll need to be able to provide during the signup process.

  2. Select the Ecommerce package
  3. On the next page is the bulk of the application form. Most fields are mandatory. The key parts of it are the estimated monthly volume (which for most clubs would in the the 5000-10000 range, and the average amount per transaction which would likely be around 100. – the exact amounts are not important here – just an estimate.) Under the Owner #1 section, most non-profit clubs would select Authorized Signer and 0% Ownership below it. In the “Additional Notes or Comments box, please enter the text: “Applying with Zone4” which ensures the account is setup properly for our system.  When done, click Submit Application.
  4. The final page lists the final 3 pieces of documentation that need to be submit to Helcim.
    • Void Cheque image
    • Business Registration (the purpose of this is to provide “Proof of Existence”. If you are a non-profit club and do not have a business registration, there are other documents that can be submitted to provide this proof a list of which are here: The easiest of those that all clubs would have is the 12 months of bank statements as that would prove the existance of the club operating under that name for the past year.
    • A signed copy of the Merchant Agreement PDF. Download the PDF by clicking on the image of the PDF. The PDF is pre-filled with the information from your application. All you have to do is sign the Signature section, and return to Helcim with the Void Cheque and Business Registration/proof-of-existance.

An important note about the Personal Guaranty section. If you are a sole owner of your club and/or operate as a business, you most likely will want to sign the Personal Guaranty which allows a credit check to be run to secure the account. If you are a non-profit club that operates with a board of directors and no one person is willing to sign the Personal Guaranty, then you can elect NOT to sign the Personal Guaranty and instead submit your club’s most recent financial statements. This includes the standard 1 page Balance Sheet, and 1 page Income Statement that most bookkeepers, accounting software, and accountants routinely produce.


Once all of this is submitted to Helcim, you can expect to have your application approved within 24hrs and be up and running in no time.

After Approval

  1. Once approved, you will receive an email with the following details:

    Platform: Helcim Virtual Terminal
    Login URL:
    Account ID: XXXX-XXX-XXX
    Password:  XXXXXXXX
  2. Click the Link and on the Helcim Virtual Terminal click Login:

  3. Login using the AccountID and Password provided in the email. You will be prompted to change the provided temporary password to your own password.


  1. Once In your account, click Settings and then under “Gateway Token”, click Generate a new token. Copy and paste this new token into an email
  2. Add to this email the AccountID from the helcim email noted above.
  3. Send the email to so that Zone4 can link your Zone4 account with your new Helcim merchant account.


  1. Zone4 will notify you when the link has been made and you can begin running transactions through Zone4 onto your merchant account.
Updated on March 29, 2018

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