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Step by step guide to building and publishing results sets. In Zone4’s flexible results system you can build multiple public or private results sets. As with Start and Course Groups you can define result groups using multiple fields from your registration form. Registration form fields for racers can also be displayed  on result sets. This and more will be covered in this documentation.

When should I create my events result set(s)?

It is highly recommended to build your results sets well before your race. Although you can edit most aspects of your results during your event not having your result sets built ahead of time will add un-needed stress on race day as well as limit your ability to provide live results.

Creating a Results Set

Navigate to the results tab of Zone4 Timing and select “Create a Results Set” as shown below.

Once you have given your results set a name, you will then have to choose how you will define your Racer Groups (Result Groups) in that particular results set. This process will be familiar from when you built your Start List and configured your Course Groups in Device Setup. Here you can choose to define your Results Groups the same way as your Start Groups (Group racers by start order) or Course Groups (Group racers by timing setup) if your Course Groups are different then your Start Groups. You can also choose to “Define groups based off racer fields” which allows you to use different fields then either your Start or Course Groups. It is important to keep in mind that you can Merge and Delete individual groups from your results set once they’re created.

Define groups based off racer fields

If you chose to “Define groups based off racer fields” you will be able to choose which fields from your registration you want to use to define the groups in your results set. Often this will be a distance or category field that was created in your registration from. As with Start Groups and Course groups you can use multiple fields to define your Results Groups (such as Gender and Age).

When you select “Define Groups based off racer fields” your results groups will already be sorted based on Course Groups. This is because racers doing different courses cannot be in the same results group.

What fields you use will be dependant on the type of race your’re timing and the expectations of that sport. If you did not have a category field in your registration form, but want to create Age Group Results using the Age or DOB and Gender fields from your registration follow the documentation here.

Once you have chosen how you want to define your result groups select “Create these Groups” as shown below.

Configuring a Result Set

Though it is recommended to Configure all the settings on your result set(s) before your race, they can be changed at any point during or after your race.

Once you have created your result groups you will then want to Configure your results set.

First select the “Configure” button as shown below.

On this page you will be able to configure all the settings for a result set.

Editing Result Groups

Once you have created result groups you can then modify those groups by; re-naming them, merging them, removing them and re-ordering them. All of this can also be done on the the results page, but are more conveniently done on the configure page.

Removing Result Groups

When defining your result groups you may have created groups that are unwanted for your results set. You can delete these groups by selecting the “Remove this Group” option in the ⋯ menu as pictured below.

Re-naming Groups

Once groups have been created you may want to re-name them.The fields you have used to sort them will  be added to their  name by default so depending on the sorting logic you have used you may have ended up with very long group names. Simply edit their names in the text boxes pictured below. This can also be done on the results page.

Merging and Re-ordering Results Groups

As is the case with Start Groups and Course Groups, you can merge Result Groups together. However this can only be done with groups of racers who are in the same Course Groups as racers competing on different courses cannot be ranked in the same results group.

To merge groups simply drag and drop them using the drag handles on the left to the desired location and select the “Merge with next” option in the ⋯ menu of the relevant group as shown below. 

Re-Defining Racer Groups

If you realize that you have used the wrong fields or change your mind as to how you want to define your results groups you can choose to re-define them by selecting the options pictured below.

Deleting a Result Set

If you realize that a result set your created is no longer needed you can delete it by accessing the more menu as shown below. Deleting a result set will not affect any of the data you have from your race. Any new result sets you build will automatically use your race data so you don’t need to worry about deleting result sets.

Result Display Options

Results Title

It is important to give your results set a clear title especially if you have multiple results sets as this is what will be displayed to the public. Keep in mind that “Results” can be an appropriate title.

Banner Image

Some events like to have a banner image at the top of their results sets where they can display the races logo or event sponsors. Here you can choose to upload an image or use the same one from your Start List if one was used there (as is often the case this XC skiing events). Below is an example, on the public side, of a banner being used .

Extra Header Information

Some sports such as Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling or Triathlon may require having extra race information displayed at the top of your results set such as Jury and Weather. You can set a custom header field or use one from your start list if you have made one there. Pictured below is an example of what your header may look like on the public side.

Display Mode

These options are pretty self explanatory. It is generally recommended to select the “Fit the results to the display size” as users will most likely be using a variety of different devices with various screen sizes to view results. If this is option is selected users will still have the option of choosing to display more information using the drop down menu on the public side of results as is shown below.

Racer Display Options

Racer fields

It is generally recommended to display some racer fields on your results set to give a  little more info on individual racers.  What you choose to display will depend on the racer data that you have from registration and the norms of your particular sport or event. As a general guide it is recommended to display Racer # (this will help you when it comes to timing your race). Other commonly displayed fields are; City, Province, Country and Club.

Some fields from your registration will contain personal information such as phone number, email address and postal code. Be sure not to display any of these fields on your public results sets.

Use the drop down menu to select your desired fields. Once you have added fields you will be able to re-order them using the drag handles shown below.

Pictured below is an example of what the added fields will look like on the public side of your result set.

Racers To Display

These options are pretty self explanatory and the option that is pre-selected might vary depending on the template you chose when you created the race. In general it is recommended to “Show all racers” with the exception of very large events where this may make navigating result more difficult. The “Only show top racers” option is generally only used for awards presentations where it is recommended to make a separate awards results set as any changes made here will be reflected on the public side.

Display Diffs

This option, if selected, will display the time each racer is behind the top racer in their result group. This option is commonly used in Cross-Country Skiing and Cycling events. An example of what selecting display time behind will look like on the public side is pictured below.

Time Calculation Options

For most races the option you choose here will simply follow the race format – for mass start races you will select the “Use recorded mass start time” option and for individual start races you will select the “Use recorded individual start time”.  However, in some races both a mass start time and an individual start time are recorded (commonly referred to as a “gun start” and “chip start” time, respectively).  If you want to produce “chip time” results at a mass start race, you will want to calculate times using the recorded individual start time.

The third option to “Use scheduled start time only” is simply a fallback if something goes wrong and incorrect start times are recorded.  Be cautious in selecting this option as if it is selected then any other recorded start times will be ignored. 

Additional Features for Multiple lap or Multiple Timing Point Race

If you’re timing a multi lap or multi timing point race you will have the additional options pictured below.

Again these options are pretty self explanatory. Generally if lap times are being collected racers like to see them on the results. For the most part, intermediate times will be calculated from previous time displayed.This is to say that the time displayed for each lap or segment will be the time it took the racer to complete that lap/ segment, rather than the total time that they have been racing for up until that point. It is also suggested to display intermediate rankings.

Once you’re satisfied with the results configuration save options and return to results page as pictured below.

Publish and Share

The “Publish and Share” button is accessible from both the “Configure” and “View Result” pages of a results set as shown below.

Posting Results to

To post results to select the  “Post Results to” option as is pictured below. 

Once selected, you will have the following options with descriptions provided.

Before listing your results as public, be sure to review your settings. Once results are public, there will be a link displayed on the homepage of Generally it is not recommended to do this more than 24hrs before the start of your event. Remember that if you make your results public before your race they will be updated live during your event. Once you have made results public it is highly recommended to navigate to view them on the public side and make sure everything is being displayed as you intended. You can also make results public after the race if you do not wish to have live results.

Printing Results

Consider scrolling results on a tv at your race to reduce paper consumption and provide more timely results.

Select the “Print” option as pictured below.

Here you can check or un-check the results groups you wish to print. You can also customize the font size and how you want to organize page breaks. Most users keep the default options. Once you have chosen the groups you want to print select “Print Results” as pictured below.

You will then be show a printer friendly version of your results. From here select the “Print” button where you will be directed to a standard windows printing page.

Tips For Printing:

If your race has many fields displayed or multiple laps shown on your results, you may have trouble fitting everything on a printed page. Consider the following options for formatting your results set to be printer friendly.

  • Try changing the page Layout to from “Portrait” to “Landscape” mode.
  • Consider changing the margins. 
  • You may need to remove Lap Times from printed results. You can do this by going to the “Configure Results” page.
  • If your settings are very different for your printed results, consider making a separate private results set for printed results so that you do not need to remove lap times or modify the configuration of  your primary results.

Results Status

Some sports such as Triathlon and Cross-Country skiing will have, official and unofficial results. Unofficial usually just being a results set that has not yet been reviewed by the jury. You can set these statuses on your printed results at the bottom of the “Print Results” window as pictured below.

Additional Result Documentation

There’s a multitude of different ways you can set up your results. Many races will make more then one results set or choose to have atimed segment on their course. Guides on how to setup theses various options are liked to below.


It’s best to set up results and results sets before race day in order to reduce stress on the day of the event. Once you’re done setting up results review your different results sets to make sure they’re set up the way you want them to be.

Updated on April 13, 2017

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