Selecting a Server

An android phone is necessary to communicate chip times up to the internet. When a GoChip crosses a timing loop, it records and stores a time. When the chip comes within ~100m of a phone running the zone4 go android app, it sends all the stored times to the phone, and the phone sends the times to the internet.

In most circumstances, the phone should be sending times to the website. If you are using a Zone4 Serverbox, you will need to change the phone to send times to the serverbox instead of to our website. If you have a phone that was previously sending times to the serverbox, you’ll need to switch it back to the website when you are not using a serverbox.

Identifying which server a phone is communicating with

At the top of the Zone4 app, find the label that says “Connected to”. It will either say “Serverbox”, “Web Server”, or “Custom”. Under normal circumstances, this should say “Web Server”.

Changing the Server

To change the server that you are sending times to, find “Settings” in the top right 3-dot menu:

Then choose “Sync”

Then “Timing Server Host”

And in the popup that appears after clicking “Timing Server Host”, choose the appropriate option. If you are not absolutely certain which option you want, choose “Web Server”.

Updated on 2019-02-23

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