Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode Introduction

Although most registrants sign-up for events online from home or on their mobile device, there are occasions where it’s useful to have people sign-up on-site at your venue.  Examples where this is useful are:

  1. Race day registration at package pickup
  2. Hosting a club signup day and having people register on-site
  3. Selling memberships and trail passes at your clubhouse.

In these scenarios, a club staff or volunteer is usually stationed near the designated computer used by registrants and it may be desireable to have some fields that are visible only on that specific computer, but not visible to anyone registering back home or on their own device.   An example of such a field is a “bib” field at race package pickup where it’s more efficient to hand out race bibs with each registration instead of having people register themselves, complete checkout, and then having to find them and assign a bib after they have completed the registration.   (See Optimizing Package Pickup for more ideas on this subject.)   You may also have special discounts, fee options, or program fields that are only available to on-site signups.  As well, although most clubs set their desired payment setting to “Credit Card Only”, kiosk mode turns on the cash/cheque payment method for that specific computer to allow other options for on-site payment.  Kiosk mode also streamlines the registration process so there is no Quicklist sign in prompt and after checkout, it returns the flow to start the next registration without storing or displaying the previous registrants details.

Setting Fields for Kiosk Mode

When adding or editing a registration field, expand the “Optional Display Settings” area which allows you to change from the default “Display on public registration form” to either kiosk mode, or else Admin Only which only ever appears on the admin side of your club’s account.

Turning On Kiosk Mode

Once a field is set to Kiosk Mode, click Preview Public Form in the upper right hand corner

Before adding any individuals to cart, below the Quicklist you will see an Administrative option for “Enable KIOSK Mode.”  Note, this is not visible to anyone registering at home, this is only visible to you because you are logged in as an administrator and accessed the registration using the Preview link as described above.

Once Kiosk Mode is enabled though, that computer will remain in kiosk mode until the session is ended (usually when the computer restarts.)  You can then sign-out of your administrative login so registrants can’t access that in another tab.  This allows you to setup a kiosk mode computer and leave it un-attended if needed.


Updated on October 16, 2017

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