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How do I activate my club with a division

The official season end date is June 30. You cannot activate your club for the next season until after June 30.

Every year, all cross country ski clubs in Canada must activate themselves with their Division via their Zone4 account.  All of the annual information you need to submit to your division is done electronically through the following process.

When you login, find your club name in the Settings menu in the top right:

If you are an administrator for multiple clubs, you will see all your clubs listed here.

Clicking your club name will take you to the club’s overview page. On the overview, next to the Division Affiliation label you will see the “Join a Division” link. Click it, and then select your correct division from the list.

This will take you to a form to fill out all the information about your club that CCC and your division require.  Work your way through the following sections to update and fill out as needed.

 Club Executive – Update your club’s executive positions whenever they change, not just at the beginning of the year.  This will help divisions contact the correct person for various communications throughout the year.  This section prefills each year so all you have to do is edit it as needed.

Other Insured Parties – Additional insured parties can be added in this same division reporting section.  Add and Remove records as needed and they will be included by the Division office and CCC.  Note if you need to edit an existing entry, remove it using the Trash icon and add them in again.

The final step is to sign the waiver and click the save button. That completes your club activation for the year and you are now an active and insured club with CCC for the year.  You can now proceed to create your membership registration by creating a copy of your registration form from last year.

Updated on 2019-05-14

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