GoChip Hardware Setup Guide

 Activator Setup

  1. Lay out  the wire loop in a rectangle measuring 1m in the direction racers cross (0.5m for running and skiing) and 6m – 12m long across timing point. On pavement, tape down using Gorilla tape, or if wet screw down using the supplied wet weather kit clips and screws.

  1. Push the Activator power button to turn it on. The sync LED will flash orange while searching for GPS satellites and flash green while it is syncing its time. When the sync LED is solid green the activator is ready to activate chips. To turn off the activator, push and hold the power button for one second.
  2.  The battery LED is solid green from 100% to 40% charge. Below that, the LED is orange, then red, then flashing red when the battery level is critical.  While charging, the LED flashes orange.  When charging is complete, the battery LED  flashes green.  The charging cable can be connected to either port.

    All Green -> All Good!

  3. Connect the wire loop to either port on the activator by aligning the white arrow to the white line on the port. Push and twist to lock.  The Loop LED is solid green when a loop wire is connected. If the loop is disconnected or cut the Loop LED will flash red.

  4. Use the Loop Checker to measure the size of your field by holding it over your wire loop. The LED indicator light lights up red when it is in the field, and must be lit over the full length and width of the loop and at least 2m above the ground.



Phone Setup

  1. Attach the phone to a tripod clamp as shown and position it 5-10m AFTER timing point.


  1. If you need power for longer than about 4 hours, connect a USB battery pack.  The batteries that we ship in our rental kits have a velcro patch on them that attaches to the back of the phone clamp.


  1. Open the Zone4 GO application on the home screen of the android phone.

  1. In Zone4 GO app, on the KEYPAD tab, test out entering a bib such as ‘999’ and press the “+” button as shown to save the time. The number you entered will be listed along with the recorded timestamp. This is how to manually record individual or group start times.  Make sure the recorded time changes from “Local” to “Synced” which means it is on the server now.


  1. If times remain “Local” check the phone’s internet connection through either cellular or WiFi. If you have internet access on the phone but it still says “Local” ensure the phone is authorized on your club. Go to “Settings -> Sync -> Club Pin Code” and ensure this number matches the Devices PIN Code in Club Overview -> Manage Devices in your online account.

  1. On the phone app switch to the “CHIP TIMES” tab and run a real numbered chip (not the loop checker) across the activator loop. The time will be recorded and “Synced” to the server.
Updated on July 15, 2018

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