Device Setup

Split racers into course groups and configure which devices will be used to record times.

Setting up Course Groups

Once you have accessed the “Device Setup” tab in Zone4 timing you will first want to setup Course Groups.

These groups, like Start Groups and Result Groups, can be defined using any field from your event registration. Generally those put in the same groups will be racers who are completing the same race course.

  1. First select the “Define Course Groups” button pictured below.
  2. Here you will have three options as pictured below. Most of the time those in the same start group will be doing the same course and same number of laps so you will “Set the number of laps per start group” . This will copy the the Start Groups that you have already created into Course Groups. If your course groups will not be the same as your start groups you can “Create course groups based on racer fields”. Here you can define your course groups using the same method as in Start Groups

    It is recommended to always separate racers who are competing on different courses into different course groups even if these groups are using the same timing points (often just start/finish) and are completing the same number of laps.  Having them in different groups will make it easier to track racers during your event and allow for more race day flexibility.

  3. Once you have create Course Groups you can change the names and and change their order using the drag handles. You can then merge them together using the option in the overflow menu as pictured below.

Multiple Laps and Minimum Splits

  1. Once racer groups are created you will simply assign the number of laps that each group will be completing as seen in the picture below. It is also highly recommended that you assign each group a minimum split for their laps (even if they’re only doing one lap). 
    Minimum Splits

    If you are timing a multiple lap race, you will want to set a minimum split for each lap. Min splits are essential if you’re using GoChip timing and are highly recommended for manual data entry timing as well. If a min split is set then any lap time faster than the time it has been set to will be ignored. This way fewer unwanted times will get assigned to racers. Be sure that the time you set your min split to is not too long so that correct times don’t get ignored. You will need to use personal judgement when setting up the times for min splits. If your min split time is in seconds simply enter the number of seconds in the designated space. If it is in minutes then use the formatting shown below.

  2.  Every racer will now have a course group as well as a Start group. These groups work independently from each other. That is to say that racers in the same start group do not need to be in the same course group (though they often are).These groups will now appear on each racers “Edit Racer” window. An example of this is pictured below.

Setting up Devices

Once you have created an configured your Course Groups you will need to assign Timing Devices to on course Timing Points. However before you do this you will need to assign your devices to your organization (club) as covered below.

Assigning Devices to your Organization (Club)

Only devices that are linked to your organization can be assigned to races. See the “How do I assign Timing Devices to my Organization?” for help linking a phone with the Zone4 Go app and GoChip activators to your club. Summit timers (which require a bridge function to work with Zone4 Timing) are linked to your club by entering a valid licence key in the Zone4 desktop application.

Assigning Devices to Timing Points

  1. Once your devices have been assigned to your club, you will need to assign them to timing points on your race course. In the most basic timing setup, you will only have a start and a finish line. These timing points will automatically show up in the Device Setup tab. If you wish to add a lap point for a multiple lap race, you can do so by selecting “Use a separate point for lap timing” as pictured below. Note that if you plan on having racers lap through at the same timing point that is being used for the finish, then you do not need to add any new timing points.
  2. To assign a device to a timing point select the “Assign Device” button for your desired point as is pictured below. Then select your desired device from the list of devices linked your club account as is pictured below.
  3. If you are using scheduled start times for timing, then it is not essential, yet still highly recommended to assign a device to your start line. This is especially true in individual start races. If you are timing a mass start race and will have Zone4 Timing open on your race timing computer near the start line, then it is also possible not to have a device assigned to your start. This will be covered in the Timing a Race section of the Zone4 Timing user guide.

Creating a Keypad Device

Creating a Keypad on your computer is another way of entering times that does not require any equipment. Though it is rare that you would use this for timing a race, as it can be difficult to enter times fast enough, it is a very good tool for learning how to use Zone4 Timing if you do not have a device with the Zone4 Android App.

  1. Click the “Assign a Device” button of your desired timing point then scroll to the bottom of your devices and select the “New Keypad” Option as is pictured below.
  2. Once this is done the keypad will appear as a device in that timing point. It is recommended to then give the keypad a name. Do this by selecting the overflow menu and device settings as is pictured below.
  3. Enter your devices name and use your web-browser’s back button to return to your race. 
  4. Once you have given the keypad a name you can then open the keypad by again selecting the overflow menu and selecting “Open Keypad” as is pictured below.
  5. Times are entered in this Keypad the same way as times entered in the keypad of Zone4 Android App. Simply enter the racer’s bib number and times will be recorded when you press the enter button.


  1. Precall is an optional feature ans is essentially an announcers aide that is primarily used in races using GoChip. The idea is that you will set up a timing point so that racers cross it 10-20 seconds before the finish line. That way the announcer knows who is coming and can call their name. To do this you will first need to add a second device (your precall device) to the finish line and then set it as a precall device as pictured below.
  2. The announcer can then use the “Commentator View” to announce which racers are coming towards the line.


  1. Your Device Setup screen should now resemble what is pictured below. Review your setup by making sure that the correct devices are assigned to their proper locations and that each racer group has been assigned the right number of laps. Also be sure that you are satisfied with your Course Groups before proceeding to setting up results as any changes you make to Course Groups will erase result sets you have created. Once your review is complete you are now be ready to proceed to the Setting Up Results section of the user guide.
Updated on April 13, 2017

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