Create a Race

Step by step instructions to create a race as well as navigating Zone4 Timing.

How to Create a Race

Login to your Zone4 “Club Administrator Account” (accessed via the homepage) and select the “Time a New Race” option as shown below. If you have permissions on more then one Club Account you will then be prompted to select which organisation the race should be created under. 

After selecting “Time a New Race” you will then be brought to the “Create a Race” page. Fill in this page with the relevant information for your race.

  • Race Name: This will the the name displayed on when you user are searching for the results from your race.
  • Location: Where your event is taking place. This will also be displayed on
  • Date: This is the date your race will be taking place on.
  • Sport: Select the correct sport as this will change some of the default settings in Zone4 Timing as well as provide your race with the correct icon displayed on
  • Race Format: This is only an option for certain sports such as Cross-Country Skiing and Cycling. Be sure to select the correct format as this will affect some of the default settings in Zone4 Timing.

These settings can be edited once your race has been created. Below is an example Importing Racers

Race Window

When you create your race it will automatically be given a race window between 6:00 and 18:00 on the day of your event. Times recorded outside of this window will not de assigned to racers. As such if your race is taking place outside of this window (often the case for evening races) you will need to change it in Settings once your race has been created.

Importing Racers

Next you will select “Get racers from Zone4 registration“. Then use the drop down menu to select the appropriate registration form for your race from the list of those associated with your club. This is shown below.Finally review the information you have entered and click “Create Race”. If your race has lots of participants it may take a few minutes to create. Also, once your race has been created you can edit most of these settings in the “Settings Tab” in Zone4 Timing. 

After you create the race, changes to the registrant’s information will not automatically be reflected in the race data. To sync registration data into the race after it has been created, click the “Refresh Registrants” button in race settings. For more, see Updating racers from registration data.


Once you have created the race you will be brought to the “Race Overview” tab of Zone4 Timing. This serves as your landing page in Zone4 Timing and gives you a good overview of all the various sections of Zone4 Timing. More information will be displayed on this page as you configure your race settings.

The navigation of Zone4 Timing closely mirrors that of your club account and that of Zone4 Registration. Various navigation tools are numbered an pictured below.

  1. Navigation Breadcrumbs along the top show you where you are and how to get back to previous sections.
  2. A “Back to Overview” link in the upper right hand corner of all pages.
  3. An expanding menu for navigating all “Tabs” within your race. This will likely be your primary navigation tool.
  4. Quicklinks to key pages within your race. These Quicklinks are especially useful during your race.
  5. A Quicklink to access the registration data for your event.

Keep in Mind that Zone4 timing has been designed so that you can access information on individual racers (Edit Racer Page) by clicking on their name no matter where it appears in the system.

Overview of Tabs

Here is a quick overview of the seven primary Tabs in Zone4 Timing and what they’re used for.

  1. Overview Page: This is your Landing Page (homepage) within Zone4 Timing and gives you general information and a good overview of all the settings of your event.
  2. Settings: This is where you will access the general settings of your race. Here you can change much of the information you provided when you created your race such as; Race Name, Race Date, Sport and Location.
  3. Racers: This tab is covered below and is where you can quickly find the “Edit Racer” window for any individual racer. This is also where you can manually add new racers.
  4. Start List: This is where you will create your Start List and Configure Start Groups.
  5. Device Setup: This is where you will assign timing devices to various points on your race course (Start, Finish, laps, On Course Timing Points) as well as configure your Course Groups.
  6. Timing: This will be used primarily during your race and is for tracking racers on course and resolving potential issues with individual racers.
  7. Results: This is where you will configure and create results sets and divide racers into various result groups. This is also where you will view your race results

Keep in Mind that If there are potential issues with settings in any of these tabs there will be a highlighted number on the right hand side of this menu (as can be seen for Device Setup in the picture above right). Navigate to the overview page to find out more information about these issues.


This Tab is where you can edit general settings for your event. Most of these are settings that were selected when you created your race such as; Race Name, Sport, Date and location.  There are however important settings unique to this page that are covered below.

  • Refresh Registrants: If you created your race before the registration closed you will need to refresh registrants in order to bring in those who registered after you created your race. When you refresh registrants you will have two options, these are; “Refresh all registrants data” or “Get new registrants only”. Generally it is recommended to “Get new registrants only” as this will not override any changes you may have made to racer data in Zone4 Timing. 
  • Race Window: Times recorded between the start and the stop time will be assigned to racers. Times recorded outside this window will not be assigned to racers, so the start time should be before you plan to start setting up your timing system on race morning, and the stop time should be well after the last time will be recorded. The default widow is between 6:00 and 18:00 on the day of your event so if youre planning on having an evenning event this window will need to be changed. You can also change the date your event is taking place on here. 

Racer Tab

This tab is where you can quickly find and edit info on individual racers in their “Edit Racer” window. This is also where you can manually add new racers.

  1. Navigate to the Racers tab and select “Find a Racer” as shown below. Here you can also choose to “add a New Racer”. Find out more about adding a new racer here.
  2. Once “Find a Racer” has been selected you can use the search bar to find any racer that have been imported from your registration. You can search using either the racers name or bib number (once assigned). 
  3. Selecting an individual racer will open up the “Edit Racer” window for that racer as pictured below. You can use this window to change racer information that has been entered in fields from your registration form as well as data from any of the fields you will create while configuring your event such as Racer Groups. All of this will be covered in greater detail in the Timing a Race section of the user guide.
  4. You will also notice that the Edit Racer window is divided into two tabs; Racer Info and Timing. Timing is where you can edit any of the individual times for a racer and will also be further covered in the Timing a Race documentation.


Once you have a good understanding of how to navigate Zone4 Timing you will want to move on to creating your event Start List. See here to access the Creating a Start List documentation.

Updated on April 26, 2017

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