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Edit Registration Form Fields

The “Edit Form” page is where you will create and edit the online registration form that users will fill out when they register for your event or club. This is where you will choose what information you will be collecting (in the form of Fields) from registrants and what fees you will be charging them. Pictured below is the location of the “Edit Form” tab on your registration page.

Zone4 registration forms are constructed of a list of fields.  Each field is a single piece of data that is stored per registrant, and can be viewed as a column in the reports after a person has registered.  Some examples of fields would be first name, last name, t-shirt size, race category, etc.  Editing a form means adding, modifying, or removing these fields to collect the necessary information from your registrants.

If you selected a template when you created the registration form then there may be some fields already added. These pre-selected fields can be modified or deleted as necessary.

At the top of the registration form editor, you’ll see a toggle between group and individual fields.  For the most part, you should be working in the “individual fields” section, for more on why you might want to use group fields see the FAQ Page here.

Adding & Configuring Fields

Adding a New Field

Add a new field or display element at the bottom of the registration form by clicking the blue Add a Form Element, or to add an element in the middle of the form click on an existing element to open the menu, and select the Insert a New Field Above This option.

Adding Preset Fields

Preset Field is a field type that we have built into our system.  These fields automatically translate from french to english and are pre-filled on the public registration forms for users who have saved their information in a Zone4 “Quick List”.  Preset Waivers contain the correct waiver text as defined by a sport’s governing body, and licence fields integrate with external licencing databases.  We strongly recommend that wherever possible you use the preset fields to build your registration form to take advantage of any special functionality they contain.

For more on Preset Fields, see the help page here.

Adding Data Fields or Fees

Custom Fields have no special logic tied to them, and are entirely under your control.  You can edit them as necessary to collect the data you need to collect.  If there is no preset field that you can use, click the Create a Custom Element button at the bottom of the Add a Form Element window, and select the data type you would like to use.

Fee elements can be found in the first column of the Custom Elements list.  See our specific help pages for more information about data fields or fee fields.

You may also want to add display elements to add extra information, links, or graphics to your registration form.  For more on the available display elements, see here.

Deleting a Field

You can remove a field from your registration form before it has been published by clicking the field you want to delete and then selecting the Delete this Field option in the popup menu:

If your registration form has been published and you have collected data from registrants that is linked to the field you are trying to delete, you will be warned that you cannot delete that field, because it would destroy the collected data.  However, you can always hide a field from the public registration form.

Re-Ordering Fields

To re-order fields on the registration form, click on the field you want to move and select the Move Up or Move Down options in the menu.  Or, if you prefer drag and drop, you can move your mouse over the grey bar that runs along the right edge of the form, until your cursor turns into a move icon, and drag and drop the field to the location on the form where you would like it to be.

Previewing Your Changes

When you have made some changes to your registration form, we recommend previewing them to confirm that your registrants will see exactly what you want them to see, and to confirm that any conditional logic that you might have set up is working correctly.  To do this, find the Preview Public Form button at the top of the Edit Form page:

If your registration form has been published, this will take you to the actual live registration form, but before the form has been published this button will take you to a “test mode” form where any data you enter will be cleared out when the form goes live, and no fees will actually be charged, so you can go through the whole registration process start to finish and see exactly what your registrants will see.

Quick Tips

There are a lot of different ways that you can organize your registration form, but here are a few tips to help you.

  • Start your form with a ‘Text Block’ element: Most registrations choose to have a “Text Block” form element at the top of their registration form. They usually choose to populate this field with general information about their event or upload an image with the event logo. An example of this on the Admin side is pictured below.   
  • Use lots of Preset Fields: Using lots of preset standardized fields will save you time. Also because these fields are associated with standard fields in reporting and in Zone4’s race timing software they will help you throughout the course of your event.
  • Have a good idea of the information you need to collect: Plan out what information you will need to collect from registrants and know the various types of fields so you know which ones to use to collect that information.

Next Steps

Once you’re done configuring fields be sure to preview the public side to make sure that you’re registration form is organised the way you want it to be and that it flows properly. Once you’re satisfied move on to the Publish” section of the documentation.

Updated on April 7, 2018

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