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Create a Registration Form

Getting Started

Once you have logged into your club account select the New Registration Form option at the top of your home page.

Next you will be asked to fill in basic information about your event registration such as a title, what type of event it is and start and end dates. Following is a quick rundown of some of the more important settings.

  • Registration Name – this is the main title of the registration and will be displayed on both the registration listing and at the top of your public registration page.
  • Sport – the sport settings allows Zone4’s home page to display the correct sport icon and for people to be able to find your registration easier using the sport filter settings.
  • Open and Close Date and Time – Your registration must have an open and close date. This controls when the registration will be open to the public and be visible in the main registration index listings on Zone4.ca.
  • Contact Email -This is important information so registrants know who to contact regarding registration questions and changes.

If you have already created a registration form for an event that has many of the same settings as your current one, you can choose to copy settings from a previous form. This option is pictured below. Selecting either of these will show a list of previous registrations to choose from.

Once you have filled in all the relevant information select Create Form at the bottom of your page (pictured below).

CCC Club Membership

When you create a registration form for CCC clubs it is recommended that you select the settings pictured below and that you use the CCC Membership Template. Using this template will automatically add all required CCC fields to your registration form as well as add many recommended fields that you can edit or remove. This will give you a good starting point especially if you’re unfamiliar to Zone4.

Basic Settings

From the overview page navigate using the drop down menu to Basic Settings. This is where you can edit  general settings governing your registration. Some of this information will already have been filled out from when you created your form but there are a few settings here that may be important.

  • Registration Cut-off: This is important if you have a limited number of spots available in your registration.
  • Contact Information: This is important information so that registrants can contact a club administrator about the event or registration if they have any questions.
  • Event Information: This option is hidden in a collapsing menu pictured below. If your registration is for a race or event, providing location information can be helpful to your participants. 
  • The Contact and Event Information is displayed on the public side of your registration at the top in two drop down panels as seen below:

Note, all changes are saved automatically upon entry and the Save button is there to make users comfortable with the fact it’s saved.

Payment Options

Once you have finished editing basic settings navigate to the payment information tab. Go through these settings and select options that are appropriate for your club. Details for these options can be found below.

  • Processing fee– The online processing fee described in the Pricing section can either be added to each registration and paid by the registrant, or it can be paid by the club (and thereby hidden in the club pricing). Most clubs opt to “Absorb Online Processing” fee as that makes both the credit card and cash/cheque payment options appear to be the same price, reducing any incentive to pay by cash/cheque. Clubs will usually raised their fees to take the full credit card processing fee into account. In this case the club will actually get 3% more from anyone who still decides to pay by cash/cheque. This will help offset for the extra time and hassle the club has to spend dealing with these manual payments.
  • Payment Types– Registrations can either be Credit Card Only, Cash/Cheque Only, or your can allow both methods of payment that your members can then choose.
  • Cash / Cheque Payment Instructions – If you enable the Allow Cash/Cheque Payments option, then you need to tell people how they should make the cash/cheque payments. Include details like who to make the cheque out to, where and who should the payments be sent/delivered to. This information is displayed on both the registration pages and on the e-mail receipt/invoice sent out telling them how much they own and how to pay.
  • Tax Rate – You can set any tax rate you want on registrations with this amount being assessed on any fee fields that you have marked as Taxable.
  • Refund Policy You must enter a refund policy for each registration. Currently all refunds must be done manually by the club unless you are a club with your own online merchant account as credit card transactions processed through Zone4’s merchant account cannot be refunded directly to the registrants card.
  • Set Early or Late Registration Dates– This is where you select dates for price increases to take effect. You can have up to three different prices. These prices will be defined in the Fee Fields as covered in the Complete Guide for Registration Fields and Form Elements
  • Remittance/EFT Invoice Account If you are using Zone4’s merchant account, collected funds will be remit to the bank account defined in your Remittance Info area and selected in this drop down. If you are a merchant account club, this drop down specifies the account Zone4 will use for EFT debits for processing fees and any CCC Member fees assesses as described here: CCC Membership.
  • Receipt Options Here you can add an email to “Send Copy to” if you would like to receive an email every time someone registers for your event. You can also add and email to “Receipt Reply to”. By default, replies to email receipts are sent to system@zone4.ca and automatically discarded. If you would like to receive replies to receipts, enter an email address here.

Merchant Account Specific Settings

If your club has it’s own merchant account with Zone4, you have access to some additional settings.

  • Credit Card Charge Schedule – Choose whether you want to immediately process transactions upon registration or at a later date.
  • Credit Card Fee – With your own online merchant account, your merchant provider will assess a fee on all transactions in the range of 2.3%-2.5%.  As a result, Zone4 allows you to set the credit card fee rate that you would like to pass onto your registrants. Because you don’t know the exact rate ahead of time that different cards will incur on your merchant account it is recommended to set the credit card fee to around 3 %. This will cover some or all of the most likely processing fee that will get charged to you. In some ways, this % fee is a tax that you are adding onto your registrants to help you cover the costs of their credit cards. Some clubs elect to set this to 0% and count the fees assessed to them as the cost of doing business. It’s very much a club decision and no right or wrong way to go.

Edit Form

Next you will need to use the Edit Form Tab to build your registration form. This is where you will configure various fields that will dictate what information you will collect from registrants. Documentation on editing your registration form can be found here.



Once you have built your form you will need to publish it.  Until a registration form has been published, it will not be able to collect any fees or registrant information.  When your registration form has been published, it will be “live” and accept new registrations from the open date until the close date that you set.  For more on publishing a registration form, see the help document here. 

Updated on April 1, 2018

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