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RapidCam Photo-Finish

RapidCam Photo-Finish

RapidCam is an affordable photo-finish camera that produces better quality images, has a much simpler “full frame live-view set-up”, and much easier operation than other products on the market.
  • RapidCam Detailed Info

    RapidCam is a relatively new entry into the photo-finish market designed to offer a much more affordable photo-finish camera than...
  • RapidCam FAQ

    Is RapidCam suitable for track-and-field? RapidCam is not ideal for track-and-field as there is no support for an external start...
  • RapidCam Manual

    The RapidCam Photo-Finish Documentation and Operation Manual can be found here: https://zone4.ca/rapidcam/manual.htm